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Police Uniform available in Police station in Washington Beach
$ 10,000

Your first job is to get a wanted level. You can do it, I'm sure, just shoot a cop or rob the Jeweler around the corner from the garage. You need 2 stars. Now you lure the cops into the garage, put on their uniforms and get into the police car behind the fence around the corner. You are now headed for the North Point Mall. There are only cop cars around here. But to the south of the mall there is for one a police bribe star, and even more interesting, the civilian Sentinel car is parked there. Get into the Sentinel, let your cop car be there, remember where the star is, drive the Sentinel to the southeastern entrance of the mall and park it, so that it faces east.
Now enter and drop the bomb. Stupid thing is, the timer is set to 5 seconds and you have to escape with a wanted level of 5 stars. You will have all these anonying FBI-Rancher Jeeps on your tail, so have fun! But if you get in the Sentinel (you) parked outside you can do an instant U-turn and collect the police bribe star to the south of the mall so you don't have to deal with the FBI any more as you have only 4 wanted stars left. And since you are in a Sentinel and not the police car anymore you can also drive to the Pay 'n Spray in Vice Point and get rid of the wanted level and easily cruise to the villa to finish the mission and get a lot of money.


- Get out of the car in front of the garage. If you wait inside of the garage the cops might park in front of the garage so that the door won't close. Then you have to drive the copcar away first and this takes time and you could get busted.

- It is even easier if you arrive at the mall with a police helicopter. You can get the Police Helicopter on the roof behind the police station in Downtown. Now get in, do your stuff, run out, shoot the cop or else he will bust you while your helicopter is warming up and then just fly home.

- You can also use a Police Cheetah, the car is pretty fast and also accepted at the Pay 'n Spray contrary to the normal Police Car which is not accepted there.

- Don't care too much about Lance if he misses it to get into your car! Rather get rid of your wanted level first and then get back and pick him up with zero wanted level stars.

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