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Assetts can be bought
Call for Assassination mission 4

The people don't want to pay their protection money. You have to do something against this! You better crash their display windows! Before starting the mission you should refill your health and armor, the best is when they are filled up to 150.
Use the Infernus to drive to the NorthPoint Shopping Mall (NPSM). Hurry up, the time starts running down as soon as the cutscene ends.
You enter through the southeast entry, turn to the right to the jeweler, shoot the 3 windows and on the other side of the building (when going towards the jeweler turn left and then all the way through the shopping mall) 2 more windows. Now run into the middle of the NPSM and use the escalators up the the 2nd floor, turn right to the record store (6 windows), then run all the way up on the 2nd floor to the south and destroy all windows of the Gash! shop up here, the go back to ground floor and destroy all windows of the Gash! too. Now you only have to pay a visit to the Tarbrush Cafe and destroy 2 more windows and you are done.


- Using a helicopter to get to the mall speed things up and you have more time left to cause destruction.
- Be fast. And in case the cops annoy you just shoot them, you'll collect enough stars anyways.
- You can change clothes in the Gash! or tooled up, but this is not that effective as you pile up with stars right after changing clothes.
- if you are hurt pretty bad there is a heart icon in the huge softdrink cup in the northwest of the mall.
- After this mission you get the call for the assassination mission 4 (if you completed all other assassination missions before!)

Hint by alldead:
- You can use a motorcycle and drive it right into the mall.

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1) Adarsh S  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
In android version there is a bug where on going right as you enter the mall and start shooting the windows then as soon as you break the Gash ones, mission is passed no more windows need breaking.

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