Jak and Daxter


And here slowly all the interesting Links to pages about Jak and Daxter (and especially about the first game in the series) gather. If you know a good page leave a comment or drop me a line!

  • Naughty Dog Website
    The official website for the game, from the developer.

  • 100% Speedrun in 1h 59m 00s .33 by Billbraid
    The fastest 100% run of the Precursor Legacy I found...
    Forget let's play videos and the oh so funny comments of the letsplayer and all the cursing, if you really want to know how to master this game watch this speedrun! A lot of cool moves and shortcuts that I didn't know before!
    There are also great Speedruns (but not as fast) by Bonesaw577, NT1_Evolution, Rozerr and some more out there, give them a watch for more cool moves!


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