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Gol And Maias Citadell

Here you will find the answers to important questions like: how do I obtain all the power cells in the Gol And Maias Citadell area and all the other places? Click on the link and you will be taken to the power cell walkthrough for the location.

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Orbs - Gol And Maias Citadell Jak Controls Scout Flies - Gol And Maias Citadell

Power Cells - Gol And Maias Citadell

Free the 4 Eco Sages
In this chapter I will explain everything as you go along, just like in the solution part for the Lost Precursor City.

Right to the right of the entrance you can find the scout fly 1, pick it up and then jump onto the first rotating disc.
Jump to the right from the disc. There you can already see the scout fly 2. To get it you have to jump off to the left from the rotating disc that looks like a deformed 8.

* Free the Red Eco Sage *
From the scoutfly 2 you get back on the rotating disc that looks like a deformed 8 and go on to the third, last possible direction, where you haven't been yet. You will reach a switch, so please activate it. An instable U-Formed bridge appears.
If you jump on a block of a destinct color all blocks of the same color will fall down into the endless depths here without you ever touching them. So be fast and jump on, maybe delay your landing by pressing the button button and please make it to the end of the bridge.
Enter the door and then storm in and attack and destroy the 3 lurker generators with punches. Now continue over three tricky rotating plattforms to the next lurker generator. Destroy this generator too and you freed the Red Eco Sage already.

* Free the Yellow Eco Sage *
From the rotating disc at the entrance go to the left this time. Even before (!!!) the next crumbling bridge go to the left to 2 rotating discs that are turning there.
You will enter a bluish glowing hallway and find the scout fly 4 there.
Then, in the next room, load up on blue Eco and at first open the precursor orb hideout next to the door. After this and after you got ALL the Precursor Orbs you load up on blue eco again and do super jump after super jump after superjump.
Take care not to try to make it over the long distance while you are no longer loaded up with blue eco. Charge up before, blue eco is everywhere around to be found.
At the end you can uncover another Orb hideout. Most of the time you won't make it to the hideout while you are still loaded up with blue eco. Don't even try, instead just go through the door here and get your blue eco from here on the outside.
There also is another generator, once you destroyed this one you freed the Yellow Eco Sage now.
Before going down again go to the right and over three rotating discs you will reach the scout fly 5.

* Free the Blue Eco Sage *
Now this is where it gets interesting.
Exit the rotating disc right at the entrance to the left. Cross the crumbling bridge. Now you take the first crumbling bridge to the left and enter the door. And here the horror starts... at least for me it was the horror!
Via two floating platforms you reach a rotating cube.
As you land on the cube you stand still, don't turn to the left, this is what the cube will do for you. After the cube turned to the left one time you can start running and jumping.
And now there comes the tricky part. While the platform moves forwards you start running and once it stopped moving you jump.
If you did it right you are now grabbing onto a rotating cube. Wait until it turned 180 around and then losen your grip and drop down. Don't pull yourself up onto the cube!
And now continue to the doughnut rotating disc. Be prepared, there are two tricky parts ahead.
Use a double jump with slide glide to hover to the next floating platform on the right. Once you made it savely to this platform go on. Use a rolling jump to jump to soild ground.
Here you load up on blue eco and jump to the rising drunk platform really fast. If you are not fast enough you won't make it to the top or you miss the platform or something else as stupid.
Once you arrived up here pick up the scout fly 6. Now continue to the moving platform. As soon as you are under the fireray start running and jump to the next platform. Do this at both fire vaults.
Now destroy the generator next to the Blue Eco Sage and free him with this. Now grab the blue Eco and get back one door and collect the last few orbs in there.

* Free the Green Eco Sage *
Now Daxter will tell you, to use the platforms, so just do it!
From the last platfrom you take a look at the three rotating discs in front of you. They are located one over the other and you have to get on top of the top one and then to the right through a hole in the wall.
So think about what you will be doing now and then start climbing up. If it doesn't work out most of the time you land on the lowest disc though. Jump back to the platform from there to get an overview, don't try to get up from the lowest rotating disc to the top one in panic!
Once you are on top turn around. Now you have to climb up over the moving arms, higher and higher.
But after you made it and freed the Blue Eco Sage this should only be a minor problem for you now! Once you made it to the middle up here grab the scout fly 7 and free Samos, the Green Eco Sage.

Free The 7 Scout Flies
...please see Scout Flies - Gol And Maias Citadell

The Robot with Gol and Maia inside
After you you made it to Samos the Green Eco Sage and he is free a door opens up and you can enter an even bigger room.
Here you have to stomp onto the huge button in the ground and the ground will move up.
Then you can charge up with blue eco and use a floating platform to drive to the Dark Eco Silo.
And then the final fight starts, let's get ready for the

1st Round - LASER

So nothing all that spectacular happens at first. The robot just tries to open up the Dark Eco Silo with the laser.
So grab the yellow Eco and shoot onto the robot:

5 hits to the eye of the robot.

Now the robot plants a bomb above the platform. So grab the blue eco and jump high up into the air via the blue platform. Just straight up into the air, that should do the trick.
Make sure you come down back on the platform and not somewhere next to it in the nothing and also not in the Dark Eco.


Now the Dark Eco Silo is opened a bit more.
The robot unleashes 3 spikey beasts onto you. Get as much yellow Eco as possible and shoot these lurker beasts. Run a lot and run fast. You have to kill about 10-12 spikey lurkers then you can grab the blue eco and jump up into the air again.

3rd Round - LAVABALLS

Now the gap has become even bigger.

The robot now shoots lavaballs at you, either 3 or 4 at a time. These lavaballs explode in really unpredictable time intervals and also have a blast after them that will hurt you if it hits you.
But you can trick the blast with a doublejump and then turn to the slide glide flight and delay your comedown and also direct your movement while gliding.
Most of the time 2 of the lavaballs explode in a row, then you have a short moment to take a breath and then the rest explodes.
At a time when there are no lavaballs grab the yellow eco and shoot at the robot. You have to hit the robot 5 times. You don't have to jump to hit the robot this time.
And please note: Once you hit the robot 5 times he won't shoot any new lavaballs but the old lavaballs already in the screen still explode!
After this he sends a bomb after you again and you have to escape to higher grounds with the blue eco again.


Now you need a good reaction. The fist of the robot charges up. So it is better for you to stay in the back part of the area. The fist comes at you really fast. And you have to roll out of the way as fast as the fist comes at you. It's no use to just roll to the back, because the fist hits you then anyways, you have to roll away to a side.
While the robot charges his fist you can land some hits on him. After you hit him 10 times the robot wants you in the last round. And you know what you have to do in the meantime...


Now the robot shoots all over the place like crazy. With mines!! And inbetween a piece of white eco drops out of the clouds.
Well, staying furry or saving the world... what are you gonna do?
Well, grab the white eco and then you made it, you won Jak and Daxter.
So enjoy the end sequence, and in case you collected 100 or 101 power cells you can even see the secret ending. But actually it's totally NOT worth it, but for completionists it is.


Geyser Rock Sandover Village Sentinel Beach Forbidden Jungle
Misty Island Fire Canyon Rock Village Precursor Basin
Lost Precursor City Boggy Swamp Mountain Pass Volcanic Crater
Snowy Mountain Spider Cave Lava Tube Gol And Maias Citadell
Orbs - Gol And Maias Citadell Jak Controls Scout Flies - Gol And Maias Citadell

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