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Misty Island

Here you will find the answers to important questions like: how do I obtain all the power cells in the Misty Island area and all the other places? Click on the link and you will be taken to the power cell walkthrough for the location.

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Power Cells - Misty Island

To get onto misty island you first have to catch 200 pounds of fish for the fisherman in the forbidden jungle, so that he allows you to use his speedboat.

Once you managed to complete this task you go back to sandover village and between the house of your uncle and the house of the mayor is a path, which you should take.
There you will find the fisherman's friend, nah, the fisherman's speedboat waiting for you. Press the button button to use it (when you are standing on it of course).

As soon as you are on misty island you have a lot to do, which is the following:

Before we start with the solutions to the missions on misty island I just want to say something about the locations here, so that you understand what I am saying (or writing):
You enter misty island on a footbridge, from there you only have one way you can go, then you have to climb up a bit, climb over 2-3 ledges and then the way parts, quite exactly where the sculptors's muse is, this is the yellow brown animal like creature that always runs away once you come close to it.
The area to the right of the muse is now called cliffs.
The area to the left of the muse is now called harbor.
Alright, here we go:

Catch The Sculptor's Muse
If you walk up to the muse quite normal the muse always runs away from you counterclockwise. There is a really long circuit where she will run along. The muse never leaves this circuit, she only changes direction if you approach her from the other side.
So, what do you do now to finally get the power cell for the task 'Catch The Sculptor's Muse'?
Do this: Force the muse to the place where you first saw her, this is at the bottom of the huge mountain right in the middle of misty island.
Then you chase after the muse with some rolljumps, because only rolljumps give you the speed you need.
Once you catch up to the muse, you finally catch it by punching it, best done by pressing the button button.
It is not mandatory to start at the foot of the mountain but there is a long stright way on which you can easily do lots of consecutive rolljumps without a single turn in it.
Once you finally really caught the muse you have to bring her back to the sculptor in sandover village to finally really get your desired power cell for 'Catch The Sculptor's Muse'. He lives in the last house before the sentinel beach.

Climb the Lurker Ship
This task is no task at all but more a joke.
Inside the harbor you have to walk over the wooden bridge until you are on the ship that is in the water there. And on the ship you will find the power cell.
Well, but from there you can continue to the next task:

Stop the Cannon
You now climb completely onto the ship from the previous 'task' and walk up a wooden ramp. Avoid the treetrunks, there are always 2 rolling ones and then a jumping one.
On the way up there are some platforms along the way where you can pause a bit.
There are some HUGE green ecos trapped inside the boxes there and also the scout fly 3. Once you reached the top and got the power cell you can either go back into the harbour or you go directly in the opposite direction, and this is what I recommend. Turn around and jump onto the big round open space. This leads directly to the next mission, surviving an ambush.
But before jumping down there you should use the cannon you are standing next to. Press button when standing next to the cannon to use it, then shoot into the round place onto all the locked boxes to get the orbs that are inside. The longer you keep the shooting button pressed the farther you shoot.
Only after you opened/destroyed all the boxes you should jump down into the lurker ambush.

Return to the Dark Eco Pool
Collect some blue eco at the end of the cliffs and go through the door or jump directly into the place from the powercell at the cannon. You will enter an AMBUSH!!!
Well, collect a lot of red eco and hammer onto your button button. Once you defeated all the enemies walk up the stairs and jump into the pool. Or even better, grab the power cell.

Destroy the Balloon Lurkers
At the other end of the harbor you can find a zoomer waiting for you. Get it and let's get ready to rumble!
This time it is a good idea to actually listen to Daxter and only destroy the lurkers and not their bombs that are attached to the underside of their ships. Because this can become dangerous. After destroying all 6 lurkers the power cell will appear inside the lurker ship (famous from one of the previous power cells).
So by now you better stay on the zoomer, the next power cell is not far from you.

Use the Zoomer to reach the Power Cell
Behind the lurker ship a ramp rises from the water, drive up this ramp. You can also find the scoutfly 4 here. Well then, take a turn and with full speed drive towards the power cell. If your speed alone is not enough to reach the power cell you can use button to jump a bit with the zoomer. Then you should reach the power cell without further problems.

Use Blue Eco to reach the Power Cell
Get to the cliffs. There are 3 blue ecos hovering around. Get it and then get to the right towards the spitting creature in the swamp. Pass this and get to the last end of the cliffs that is close to the place where you enter misty island from boat, but a bit higher up. There is one last lurker, get rid of the lurker and if you are still loaded up with blue eco the platform there will start moving. This platform will bring you directly to the last power cell on misty island.

Free the 7 Scout Flies
...please see Scout Flies - Misty Island


Geyser Rock Sandover Village Sentinel Beach Forbidden Jungle
Misty Island Fire Canyon Rock Village Precursor Basin
Lost Precursor City Boggy Swamp Mountain Pass Volcanic Crater
Snowy Mountain Spider Cave Lava Tube Gol And Maias Citadell
Orbs - Misty Island Jak Controls Scout Flies - Misty Island

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