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Power Cells
Precursor Basin

Here you will find the answers to important questions like: how do I obtain all the power cells in the Precursor Basin area and all the other places? Click on the link and you will be taken to the power cell walkthrough for the location.

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Power Cells - Precursor Basin

The Precursor Basin can be divided into 3 areas:
The entry with the arch, from there you can enter the area with the doughnut shaped hill and the race track.
You can enter the race track only from the first area and you can't get off of the track. The other two areas have 2 connection points.

Herd the Moles into their Hole
You get this task from the geologist in Rock Village.
Right at the beginning of the Precursor Basin, at the entry area there is the mole hole, and the moles are also around it. Just get behind all the moles and scare them back into their hole. Sometimes it's better to not aim them directly onto the hole but a bit to the side of the hole. This is pretty straight foreward.

Catch the Flying Lurkers
There are 4 flying lurkers at all around the Precursor Basin. Crash into all of them and you will get your desired power cell. They like to drive in wide turns, so you can cut off their path and catch them. So, where do you find these Flying Lurkers?

2 of them are around at the doughnut shaped hill, one of these is quite close to the poison plant, the other one is around the power cell over the lake.

2 more of them are in the entry area. One of these is close to the mole hole, while the other one is over and under the entry arch.

Beat Record Time on the Gorge
To obtain this power cell you have to race on the gorge race track and beat the record time that is set by someone else on the canyon race track here.

If you enter the Precursor Basin for the first time the canyon race track is under the arch and then right.
Practice a lot and make good use of the blue eco to beat the record time on the gorge race track. But not all of the blue eco is helpful! For example on the higher places. Until you got this blue eco you are faster when driving the normal track.
So, as I already said, practice a lot!

!!! !ATTENTION! !!!

If you didn't get a new record on the gorge race track DON'T talk to the gambler again until you made it and got the record and with that earned the power cell. This is because if you talk to the gambler without setting a new record you can never race on this race track any more (with this save file).
This is a bug in the game, and it saves onto your savefiles, and so you will never get all power cells.
Once you made it and got the record time of course you have to talk to the gambler again to get the power cell.

This is in the Playstation 2 version of Jak and Daxter and the Precursor Legacy. I hope Naughty Dog fixed this bug for the Playstation 3 rerelease.

!!! !ATTENTION! !!!

Get the Power Cell over the Lake
This is not that easy. Well, yes it is, if you know how. Drive your Zoomer up the doughnutshaped hill and a bit further. Jump over 2 gaps and you will land next to the scoutfly 4. Drive to the right and up the hill and after a 180 turn you reach a box with dark eco inside. Use button to see if you still have 2 parts of your lifebar, if yes, then ram into it and you've cleared the way.
Now drive over the edge of the gap really fast and try to touch the next peak, don't even try to stop there, but head on to the next peak and one more peak until you are at a turn to the left.
Here you stop, get the scout fly 5 and turn your Zoomer around. Now race along the narrow cliff really fast and jump at the end (with button) and aim for the power cell!

Cure the Dark Eco infected Plants
You get this mission from Samos, the Green Eco Sage after activating the warpgate in the Blue Sag's hut in Rock Village.

Right behind the doughnutshaped hill are some dark plants. You have to heal them, or at least they say so, actually you have to make them go away.
Drive through the Green Eco Vent and load up on Green Eco. If you now touch an infected plant it will sink into the ground.
Now you have to make all plants disappear.
It is best to do this with a plan, which should read something like this: slowly drive over a row of plants, then the next row and once you run out of Green Eco get some more. You won't make it with only one charge anyways.

Navigate the purple Precursor Rings
The first ring is a bit above the the mole hole, in the entry area. Once you touched this ring more rings will appear. You have to touch the other rings too of course.
There are 26 rings to collect at all.
To reach ring 23 and ring 26 you have to jump (button), but this shouldn't be a problem.

Navigate the blue Precursor Rings
This is the same task as before, only the rings have a different color.
And there is less time. And it is harder. And there is one more ring at all. And... well, completely the same...
The first ring is a bit more hidden now, it is close to the scout fly 4. Drive up the doughnutshaped hill and a bit farther, 2 jumps over the gaps and then to the left behind the stonewall.
This time there is less time for you to collect each ring and there are 27 rings at all. To get ring 7 you have to use the stone in front of it as a jump ramp (and press button while going over it), ring 10 is directly next to the beginning, so watch out, don't drive over the energy portal, otherwise Jak will get off the Zoomer and you won't make it to any other ring because your time is running out way too fast. For ring 11 don't jump! And for the last, ring 27 you have to jump again, but therefor you have to reach up to ring number 27!

Free the 7 Scout Flies
...please see Scout Flies - Precursor Basin


Geyser Rock Sandover Village Sentinel Beach Forbidden Jungle
Misty Island Fire Canyon Rock Village Precursor Basin
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Orbs - Precursor Basin Jak Controls Scout Flies - Precursor Basin

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