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In the year 2001 Konami started the Silent Hill franchise on the PS2 with Silent Hill 2. 2 Years later Silent Hill 3 arrived on a Playstation 2 near you. It was getting scary and filthy again. I think Silent Hill 2 is the best of the series, the mean atmosphere in it is just great but the 3rd part is also cool.

So you can read my solution for Silent Hill 3 from the first steps to the final boss battle against god if you click on the huge letters below.

On this very page you can find the overview of all locations you will visit in Silent Hill 3 and that are all explained in this Silent Hill 3 walkthrough. Also all boss fights in Silent Hill 3 are listed and directly linked to the according page. If you are stuck on a riddle on the hard riddle level you should know where you are, just click on the location in the list and you will find the solution to your riddle problem. Of course the solutions for the other riddle modes are also handled there but in case you are playing on normal or easy riddle level you might not know where you are exactly at this moment you can here for help, because Silent Hill is always dark and foggy. Well, then... you have to chose something that looks and sounds familiar and slowly get close to the location you are searching for. But you will get this done, with that I totally trust your personal mental abilities (even after playing this game for some time), as you found this great and complete walkthrough already...

You can always come back to this overview page by clicking on the fat text saying Solution above the actual written text solution you are about to read. Above every page there is also a navigation box with links to the different parts of the chapter you are in (and with links to other chapter and their subchapter parts too of course) so you don't have to backtrack to this startpage. Just check the new dropdown menus by clicking on the downward pointing arrow next to a chapter that is long and has more than one part, I'm quite happy I got these dropdown menus working. Above the links to the chapters there are even more links to even more interesting pages like weapons and special weapons, monsters and secrets in Silent Hill 3.
Below every page there are some hard to miss arrows you can use to just browse to the next page in the walkthrough.

Click the letters in the image above and you will find out everything about all the weapons in Silent Hill 3 on the Playtstaion 2 (and 3). Where to find them, what you can do with them and where they are most effective and what secret weapons there are.

Click the letters in the image above to find out about all the monsters in Silent Hill 3. How they behave, how you should behave and how the kill them effectively.

Click the image above to find out about the last secrets of Silent Hill 3. Here you will find out EVERYTHING!

And now that Silent Hill 3 was rereleased in HD on PS3 and XBOX360 you can now find the trophy list here on this page just after the click on the headline of the paragraph.

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