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Chapter 5

Hilltop Center

1F / Street / Appartment

Life Insurance
Once you enter the rooms of the life insurance company from the hallway immediately run to the left (seen from Heather's point of view when entering the rooms) to the end of the hallway and enter to door to the

Normally you should be shocked by seeing this but Silent Hill makes you strong to resist the puke reflex when seeing this.
So read the book and the fairytale is over and you can go home.
So leave the house and the monster, that was in the way is now gone and away. First in the way and now away, gone for good. See you on the streets

Street to the Daisy Villa Apartment Block
Here you follow the only possible path and you end up in front of one of the living houses. Enter this, it's the Daisy Villa Apartment.

Daisy Villa Apartment
So you come by a save point, so it is best to use it. Opposite to the save point are some mail boxes. If you have a Silent Hill 2 Save File on your Memory Card examine them and you will see and extended Scene. Heather says something about a letter only James from SH2 can get.
Get to Heather's Apartment and you will see another Cutscene.

Oh noes, dad is dead. That must have been evil Claudia. So let's get after her and kill her! Oh, wait, what is this???
Some evil guy jumps in your way!

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