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Chapter 6

Silent Hill

3F: Brookhaven Hospital

Store Room
Yes, the 3rd floor in Brookhaven Hospital also has a store room, so get in there to grab 1 battery, 2 health drinks and use one save point.

Door with codelock (3F)
Here you just have to enter the code in the door lock from the photo taken in the Store Room in the basement with the instant camera (found in M4). As I mentioned my code was most of the times 3825. If you had another code, please leave a comment at the bottom of the page, judging from the comments already received there are quite some possible number combinations possible. And if you had another code and forgot it, just look in the memo section of the menu, there you can find it again.

Here are 2 health drink for you to grab and take with you.

Ring, ring, phone is ringing, so you should go and answer the phone. You will get a hint to where Leonard is. At the end of the hallway on the 2nd floor. So let's go there.
This is strange, isn't it? This hallway wasn't here before, and now it is here. Seems creepy?
Just wait what awaits you after it.
So come on, let's get into the labyrinth.

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