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Chapter 5

Hilltop Center


The 5th floor houses the art gallery and the KMN Car Parts store.

Art Gallery
Via the art gallery (there where the paintings are hanging on the wall) you reach another hallway. Pick up the SCREWDRIVER from the one end of the hallway, it is placed on a cardboard box. Then enter the room on the other end of the hallway, the room with all the canvases and paintings.
Here you can find the KATANA.
That's it with the art gallery and half of the 5th floor. Get back through the gallery. Once you are back in the hallway you can use the other door to enter the store of

KMN Car Parts
You are in a long hallway and some small headbanger monsters are there with you. You can kill them, what about practicing with the Katana here. Or you just walk by.
In this hallway you can only open 3 doors.
One of them is locked but you unlock it and through it you get back to the main hallway in the 5th floor. Right opposing this door is the important door.
The other door is the one you will reach first though. Behind it there is only a fat sack and nothing else. So if you face a monster in a room just get out again, there is nothing good in here. It is better to search for the door that is facing the locked door. Get in and you will enter an office.
Here you can find a CAR JACK and a health drink.
Now get back into the 3rd floor.

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