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Chapter 1


Feel free to walk around and examine everything around here. But watch out for the holes in the ground, you can easily fall into one of them. Well, the path you have to take is not the path below the sign with 'Amusement Park' written on it, but in the exact opposite direction, and there head for the left corner.

Inside the Amusement Park you can explore the souvenir shop but you cannot take anything with you or you can meet some cudgle swinger monsters and also other monsters. You can also experiment with some weapons, shoot as much as you want. Which games (besides Silent Hill 3) start right with a lot of monsters without giving you the chance to build up your character? Right, no game does this. So it is quite okay if you die, because this is only a dream and the game really starts only after you die in your dream. What a nice start.

If you survive some more go towards the Mountain Coaster. To do so you have to enter a nearly visible door next to the green door. There you can slash even more monsters and fight your way through to the rollercoaster. If you follow the track for long enough you will see an extra cut scene, otherwise Heather will just die by dropping down from the track, otherwise she dies at the end of the tracks in a cutscene. So whatever you do, you will always die here and the game will finally begin.

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