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Chapter 6

Silent Hill

B3 Crematorium

In the basement level of the Brookhaven Hospital the morgue puzzle awaits you. On the wall there is a picture with scratched in numbers and next to it, guess what, a number lock that needs 4 numbers is the riddle.

So, what do you do to get the code for the lock on B3 basement level?

As you might have noticed all beds or corpses have a number down here on B3.

Look at the picture on the wall. The roman numbers from I to IV are scratched in.

The picture is a top down view of this cremation room.

So, find out where the roman I is, get there and see what number is on the corpse, and this is the first number of the code.

Do the same for II, III and IV.

Then you just enter the complete code into the number lock next to the picture in the crematory in B3.

This is what you do for the bed riddle on the normal riddle level.
For the easy mode you don't even have to do anything at all, the oven is already open.
In the hard riddle mode you have to analyse another braintwisting poem by a sick poet. Maybe I will write more about this here in the future, by now you can read, that the number is alway 9271 for this.

So open the crematory door and receive your CREMATED KEY!
That's it for B3, you finally have your cremated key, so get back into the elevator.

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1) Bellacte  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
So I am having a bit of trouble with mine. The corpses numbers are: 7 4 5 2 and the Roman numerals are 2, 1, 4, 3. I'm REALLY confused Dx
2) lactose  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
easy, try 4725 :)

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