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Chapter 2


Back on ground Floor

Zig Zag Hallway behind the Elevator
After this elevatorride you find yourself in an alternate reality, an alternate Silent Hill. Eveything is dirty here, ugly, depressing. This is Silent Hill. Welcome Back

The directions now are in mapview not from Heather's point of view.
The hallway to the east does nothing for you, as all doors are closed, only in case you want to die you should go there.

So there is only the hallway to the south left. At the end of this hallway continue to the west, ignore the Zombiedog on your ass and run into the door that appears right in front of you there.

First aid room
Here is a savepoint, use it before returning to the Hallway to find you way to the north past the chewing zombiedog.
At the north end there is a door, enter it as all other doors are locked anyways. This door leads to the

Main Corridor
Here you follow the smaller, thinner but longer hallway to the north, past the telephone until you can turn to the right, to the east. Beware of the masses of cudgel swingers here. After taking the turn you enter the first door to the north.

Rancid Storageroom
Pick up the 2x Handgun ammo and the med kit. Don't forget the FLASHLIGHT.
Back to the main hallway and enter into the next door.

Lady's Toilet
Get the BLEACH and then get back to the hallway. Walk until you reach the end of the hallway and press button to step through.
In case you have a Silent Hill 2 Save file on your Memory Card you can view an extended Scene here if you examine the toilet in the open stall. Well, Heather just says something you will recognize from Silent Hill 2.

Alternative Shopping Passage
You might have noticed that you've been here before, this is the Shopping passage from which you entered the clothes store, where you got your handgun. And this is where you should go again now. Watch out for the cudgel swinger and the zombie dog.

Alternative Clothes Store
What sounds like a nice store with clothes far away from the mainstream is actually not real but a nightmare version of the reality in which you struggle to survive. Or Silent Hill really looks like this and the normal version of Silent Hill is just an illusion? Whatever it is pick up the BULLETPROOF WEST and the COATHANGER.
For more infomation about the bulletproof west check out the linked weapons sektion.
Now get back on the

Main Hallway
Walk all the way back to the door leading to the Zig Zag Hallway after the elevator. You know where? Good. But don't enter but search for a door on the opposing wall. A bit to the left of directly opposing the door. Enter this door to reach the

Ladder Room
If you walk around a bit in the Ladder Room you will notice that the camera will change in one position. There you can see the ladder coming from the ceiling (that's the reason why this room is called Ladder Room).
Sadly Heather is too short to grab onto it and drag it down.
Use the COATHANGER from the alternative clothes store to reach the ladder.
Believe it or not, you should climb up the ladder now.

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Navigation - Silent Hill 3
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