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Chapter 7

Amusement Park

Borley Haunted Mansion

Here is a save point and the entrance to the

Borley Haunted Mansion
You first enter the entrance hall and the narrator talks a lot and only once he finished his speech you can enter the Borley Haunted Mansion (also called Borley haunted house sometimes).
The name of the Borley Haunted Mansion comes from the Borley Rectory in England. A house which was once haunted very much.

At first you enter the room with the suicide person. Huh... scary.

Then there is the room with Danny. Waaaaaaaaaaaah! Okay, this is scary :D

Stingy Thingy
And then the heaven came down to drop on your head. The ceiling with spikes comes falling down at you. But you will survive the spiked ceiling. When playing on hard mode you have to duck down though to avoid being spiked up.

Red Death from Behind
The game wants to tell you, that you are now entering the exit, but this is not correct.
You enter a long hallway in the Borley Haunted Mansion, and once you made it around the first corner some red fog or whatever it is follows you and kills you once you touch it. Or when it touches you.
The only good thing about this is, that with every new try you don't have to listen to the narrator again and again all over again but most of the time (with one exception) you can enter the door right there.
The best idea I came up with to easily beat this is real simple, just press down, once the view changes. You are running in the right direction all the time then, only for the last door it it is different, there you have to think and react fast and turn into the correct direction.
The next room in the Borley Haunted Mansion is the same game only that everything is upside down this time.
But once you made it through the first hallway this should be no problem for you. Please not, in case you are wearing the bulletproof west, you shall take it of to run faster and make it through here.

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