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Chapter 7

Amusement Park

Entrance Amusement Park

First Steps
Well, you have been here already, so go through the door, not through the grate gate. The door is directly opposite of the entrance grate, when standing in front of the wall to the left.

Here are 2 zombie dogs and 2 cudgel swingers waiting for you. You will notice that a lot of the doors here are closed, but you can enter one of them. And this is the door to the

Souvenir Shop
Here everything is just like the last time you were here. On the cupboard between entrance door and counter there is an ampoule right in the middle of them. This is very useful. If you stumble through the shop some more you will push over some cardboard boxes. On one of the tripped over carboard boxes is now a save point and next to the save point is the even more important ROLLER COASTER KEY. So pick it up and then get out there

Search for the door to the rollercoaster at the end of the hallway. The door is mentioned on signs and left of the big green door.

Here 2 zombie dogs are waiting for you, don't get caught by them, but just run on to the grate at the end of this part.
You now enter the

Way Up
Run up the stairs as fast as you can and don't get interrupted by the spider thing that is there and wants to hurt you.
Up there you unlock the door to the controls for the rollercoaster with the ROLLERCOASTER KEY and then get inside.

Rollercoaster Control Room
Here you turn off the controls for the rollercoaster and pick up the 2 health drinks.
Now get out again and through the grate and enter the

Rollercoaster Tracks
Follow the tracks in the only possible direction and watch out so that you don't fall down.

Finally Heather makes the jump off from the tracks before the rollercoaster car hits her. She didn't do it when the controls were still on. Why it's like this... I don't know and probably will never understand. But whatever, then you also see Douglas and Claudia that are having an argument over Heather.

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