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Chapter 2


First Floor (Book Puzzle)

Hallway in the 1st floor
As there is is small headbanger monster to your left we first go straight on. Try to open all doors and you will find out that two door open on the diagonally going wall (check on your map).

First Room
A zombie dog is locked in here and if you are fast enough it won't get you, and you can grab 4 pieces of beef jerky. You should be able to distract the dogs with these. Maybe it works for you, give it a try.
So, back to the hallway and into the next room.

Second Room
Here you can find a savepoint, 2 healthdrinks, 1 handgun ammo (x10) and a pushed over palett where there is something stuck under it. But you cannot reach it (yet), so get back to the hallway and back to the headbanger monster we sneaked by.
You can either kill it or run past it. Running past it is always a good choice as it is easy to run past it and killing it only wastes ammunition and probably health drinks. At the end of the hallway there is a door to the

Here you can find 2 cudgel swingers. But they are so very slow you can just run past them. Now enter the

You will notice the sign "Helen's Bakery" above the door. Here you can find the PAIR OF TONGS.

Second room - second time
As you might have noticed we are back in the room with the save point. This time around you go fishing for some keys under the pallet here. Use the PAIR OF TONGS from the bakery for this.
This key you just got is the key for the bookstore. You reach it by going back onto the Matroneum, ignoring the 3 newly spawned small headbanger monsters on the hallway, tricking and passing the 2 cudgel swingers on the Matroneum and unlock the last remaining door and getting inside.

And here you are in front of a door that is locked by a number lock and it is not that easy to unlock it. To come down a bit and relax your tense nerves take the Handgun ammu with you.


This is the first harder riddle in the game. Chances are the Shakespeare book riddle in Silent Hill 3 is exactly the reason you came in here, but who knows, so to get right into things search for the 5 Shakespeare books that a scattered around on the floor and get them into your pockets, well, your inventory. And now you have to put all the Shakespeare books back into the bookshelf.
But you don't have to put them back into the shelf in the normal order but (for me) it was the order:
I - II - V - III - IV!
See it? Take a good look at the books.
In case the game changes the order or the code with every game I'll let you know: There are numbers engraved on the back of the books, 4 numbers at all (yes, 4 of them!), and in every space between the books there is a number. Now you have to sort the books in a way that you can read the numbers. My code was 3216, with the 1 being hardly noticable ;)

If you had a different code/the same code and the same order leave a comment at the end of this page, this is not only interesting to me but to everyone reading this...

At least you only have to put 2 books on the shelf on difficulty level easy. You will then be able to see the numbers on the back of the books. The code then is 0418 (Thanks to McRaidl for the code).
On the difficulty level hard you have to solve all kind of obscure clues about Shakespeare's books to finally find out that the solution is always 8352.

Enter this code into the number lock next to the door and enter, you will now view another cutscene

Here we first meet Claudia, a very mysterious figure and she tells a lot of confusing stuff about her "god" and things you should remember...

Enter the elevator

As the elevator doesn't have any buttons on it it starts the ride automatically (quite logical, isn't it?) and the radio drops down from the ceiling.
In case you have never played a Silent Hill game here is an explanation:
You can only hear static noise with the radio which might get on your nerves, but it is important to survive. Because every time the radio lets you hear the noise another one of these slimy monsters creeps up on you. So the radio is basically a monster sensor, or a monster detector or whatever you like to call it.

Pick up the radio and as soon as you picked it up the door opens (quite logical, isn't it?). And take good care of your radio, you only have one.

This is a rather ugly and confusing cutscene in which Heather comes from one elevator to the next and from one monster to the next and so on ...

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1) McRaidl  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Hey. Also auf dem Super-Easy-Actionlevel lautet der Code 0418.
2) jose  (
wrote on:
My code was 0187 on easy
3) Ash  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
I got code 7290 after placing the books back on the shelf.
4) selmiak  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Thanks for all your input, I get the very destinct feeling the code is random for all difficulties except hard. Which is a good thing!
Still I didn't dig into the gamefiles to see how many scratched numbers on bookback sprites there are, maybe there is only a limited number of possible combinations... probably not more that 9999, right?!
5) Daniel Jackson  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
On easy the books clearly said 7730, but that didn't work, only 7930.....
6) Henning Stein  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Wie ist der code bei schwer
7) selmiak  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
@Henning Stein:
Der Code steht im Text hier drüber. Wenn du nichtmal den findest solltest du SH3 vielleicht nicht mit schweren Rätseln spielen, auch wenn das Shakespear Bücherrätsel das wirklich abstrakteste und absurdeste Rätsel im Spiel ist, die weiteren Rätsel sind auch alle sehr knackig!

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