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Chapter 6

Silent Hill

First Steps in Silent Hill

Jack's Inn
And here in the Jack's Inn Motel is where you start your trip through Silent Hill. Douglas looks around somewhere else and you have to find your way on your own. But fear not, I will help you.
So your first aim is Brookhaven Hospital, the Hospital of Silent Hill. To get there just take a look at your map and remember the way. There is quite some fog on the streets of Silent Hill, so check back to the map every now and then.
On your way to the hospital you come by a nightclub. There are some helpful goodies inside, so check the nightclub before entering the Hospital

Heavens Nights Nightclub
Take a look at the poster at the stage to find another nudge towards Silent Hill 2. There is an ad for a dancer called Maria. If you played Silent Hill 2 you will know the night club and especially Maria already. Even the leaflet on the tables are the same as they are in Silent Hill 2. I don't know if the leaflets are always there or only when you have a Silent Hill 2 Save File on your memory card, so I put it to the other extended scenes. If you found the same without a SH2 savefile then why not leave a comment here. Thanks!
After this is now done, take a look around, you can find one beef jerky, 1 medkit and 1 pack of shotgun bullets. Armed with this you can go back to the foggy streets and find your way to the hospital. So get back on the street and just follow the street.

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