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Chapter 8


Floor -1

Elevator Hallway (-1)
Enter the first door opposing the elevator.

Hallway (-1)
Go to the end of the hallway and you will reach the room with the trashbags.

Room with Trashbags
Now we could speculate which body parts are in the bags or if there are bog bodies or just drowned corpses in there. I guess that Vincent just deposits his organic waste in there, which also explains the smell.
And now you are free to dig through these trashbags and sooner or later you will find another TAROT CARD - HANGED MAN.
Sadly you have to leave this moody room now already. Beware there are 2 more fencing guys on the hallway now.

Hallway (-1)
Take the other way now and you will find another room.

Room in the hallway
Find the 2 stun gun batteries and Harry's diary. Then get back to the

Elevator Hallway (-1)
Here 2 fencing guys are waiting for you. Find a way past them. Either you are fast enough or you have to kill them. Now enter the other possible door on the longer side of the hallway.

Hallway around the Corner
Here are 1 fencing guy and 2 spider things hanging around. Through the last door in the hallway you reach the L-Hallway

It is very dark in here at the beginning, and after a smaller hike you come around the corner of the L and see a door. This door leads to Alessas old room.

Alessas Room
Here you have to find the BRASS KEY, or well, you have for search for it and then find it as it is very hidden.
The brass key is hanging between all the butterflies on the wall. Also have a look at Alessas Sketchbook here.
Now get back onto the L-Hallway

Go into the direction you were coming from that mean into the direction of the Hallway around the Corner. But before entering the Hallway around the corner you leave the L-Hallway to left into a door that is hard to see in the darkness.

Big Room
Here are 2 Cudgelswingers inside. Run through the room as fast as you can to take as little damage as possible to enter the door at the end of the room to enter the

Long Hallway
Walk along this hallway just to find out that the end is blocked by some stuff. So step back a bit until the camera view changes to top view. So you see everything from above.
Now you hear the little girl again or whatever kind of creature it might be. But it should probably be the young Alessa, so you are hearing yourself whimmering. Whatever, so watch the ground as there are slowly bloody footprints coming into sight and form a path. They walk towards the wall. And what a suprise, there is another secret door at this place. Of course you enter there.

Medical Room
Behind the secret door you find the medical room. Some say this is the exact same room Alessa in Silent Hill 1 was in. And you can find Handgun bullets and an ampoule here.
And even more important you will find the TAROT CARD - FOOL here.
Now track back all the way to the hallway from that you can enter the confessional box. There was also a locked door in the hallway which is interesting now.

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