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Chapter 2


Ground Floor

Heather wakes up in the shopping center and walks away. She is followed by an elderly man and hides from him on the toilet. This is where you gain control over Heather again.

You can find a savepoint somehow glued to a mirror here. You can use it to save your game if you want. Because Heather doesn't want to leave because she is followed by this old guy the first mysterious thing happens. Well, the first mysterious thing besides the strange beginning. Heather walks through the wall. To do so just stand in front of the wall and press button.

Path outside of the shopping mall
Run along the path until you reach a door. This is the only option to leave the path (this is the case very often in this game). So enter the door and reach a long hallway..

First long hallway INSIDE the shopping mall
Most of the doors here are broken and won't open, one is locked and can be opened from the other side later on and one door, at the very end of the hallway is your destination now.

Shopping passage (a part)
Most of the doors are passages are locked with iron bars here, so enter the shop with the only hafways closed off storefront.

Heather picks up the handgun that she will have with her the whole game. The first monster that found its way into the real reality appears and Heather kills it.

Clothes store
Get behind the counter and find the door. Walk through the door

Convoluted hallway
You can unlock the door that is locked from the hallway, but you shouldn't walk through that door as there is nothing useful behind it, only monsters.
If you go slightly to the right from the door out of the clothes store you will find the map of the shopping mall. This is pretty handy. To view the map press button. Enter the closest door from here to enter the

Get up to the first floor.

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