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Chapter 8


Inside the Chapel

You enter the small chapel that is not quite a church and the first thing you see is a cutscene

Claudia tells you about your true self and Heather buys it. At least parts of it. Well, is this going to end well?

There is a save point in the chapel behind the altar, and there is also a TAROT CARD - EYE OF NIGHT, so take it with you.
Take the only way out, the door right next to the altar.

Map Hallway
I call this hallway map hallway as the map for the chapel / church area is hanging on the wall to your right. Of course you take it with you, won't you? On the other side is the confessional box.

Confessional Box
You don't have to do this to complete the game. Someone is crying inside the the confessional box and you are given the choice to forgive her or not. If you want to reach the obsessed end on a second playthrough you have to answer that you forgive the woman. If this is your first playthrough it doesn't matter what you answer here.

Map Hallway
Back on the hallway where the map was hanging you go deeper into the hallway. You will reach a locked door after a fork. You can't enter here yet. So get into the only open door that you can find.

Unmapped Room
There is nothing to do or collect here, only some cudgel swinger that want to kill you, so you better just run through the room and ignore them.

There are 2 fat sacks on the ground. One is to the right (south) of the fork, the other to the north (left). At first run to the right and enter the room at the end of the hallway.

Southern Room
As good as southern room sounds, this is more a nitemare. You can grab 2x Pistol bullets from within the cupboard. And also search for the CASSETTE TAPE on the table.
There are also some notes on the table which are quite interesting, read them if you have the time.

Back on the hallway with the 2 fat sacks you just run straight to the north into the room that you haven't entered yet.

Wheelchair Hallway
You get past a huge picture and around the corner you enter a door into the

Bell Room
Here is a save point, and what a save point this is. Save your game and just get back to the wheelchair hallway.

Wheelchair Hallway
After you have been to the bell room you can finally do something in the wheelchair hallway. Well, you can not do something, but you can hear something. Someone is whimpering here. So do the best thing you can do which is nothing but wait until it is over and then step close to the huge painting and use the X-Button to push it away. This reveals a secret door which we will enter now.

Whimper Hallway
The whimpering beeing must have escaped into this hallway. But there is nothing here that is somehow interesting so just get through here and right into the next nightmare.

Elevator Hallway
Be careful here, as there a really quick enemy around here that is armed with a spear. Let's call him fencing guy.
You will be standing in front of a lot of dark door, but only the last door will let you proceed into the library.

In the library of the chapel of Silent Hill you will find a book about Tarot and the old gods of Silent Hill. Within the book you will find another TAROT CARD - MOON.
After you tool this there will be another cutscene:

Vincent will be on your side now and will give you the book about otherworld laws.

Elevator Hallway
use the elevator to get down one floor.

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