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Chapter 7

Amusement Park

Marchen Travel

Continue through another grate door. If you are back at the rocket sled you know you too the wrong door.
Normally you are standing so that you can go to the left and forewards and you reach the door.

Go to the right into the wine red, or should I say blood red double door.

Fortune Teller
Pick up Douglas' NOTEBOOK and search for the save point in here. Next to it you will find a PUPPET HEAD. Take this with you too. There is also an Ampoule to be found on the chair here.
Now leave the Fortune Teller and enter the

Marchen Travel
Here you can see the 2 girl from different fairy tales. Give the RED SHOE to Cinderella and the DOLL HEAD to Snowwhite.
Now Cinderella and Snowwhite let you pass, a door opens up and you reach the

Go through the only open door

behind the Marchen Travel
Here a spider thing and 2 zombie dogs are waiting for you. If you are fast enough you can grab a memo on the ice cream stand and two batteries for the stun gun. Now hurry and get through the grate gate.

In Front of the Carousel
On a bench there is a medkit. Now get on that carousel.

Happy Carousel
The carousel starts spinning. On one horse, the one that is not moving, you can find a note.
Now you may slay one horse after the other. Use a melee weapon for that, probably the maul or the katana. Welcome to the pony slaystation!
Watch out to not get into the toxic breath of the horses. This drains some of your health.
Once all horses als slaughtered read the note on the dead horse again.

Totally unexpected the carousel stops and the reality morphs over to that of the other Silent Hill. Some guy with some seriuos skin problems appears.

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