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Chapter 7

Amusement Park

Rocket Sled Ride

Behind the Haunted Mansion
Here are 2 cudgel swingers and one zombie dog waiting for you. Take them down or avoid them. Search for the way to go on and you will go on.

Rocket Sled Ride
Here are 2 zombiedogs and a cudgelswinger around. One of the zombiedogs waits right at the sled for you. It is best to kill all monsters in this area as you are coming back sooner or later and it will be easier then.
And furthermore you will find a door opposing the rocket sled that is not locked but also won't open as it is stuck. But this is not priority now, search for another exit that is more like a grate.

You are reading a walkthrough but I advise you to run through here as there is nothing to gain here, you can only lose.
All in all there are 2 spiderthings and one cudgel swinger around here.

Huey Horse
On the first bench crossing your way you will find a health drink and some shotgun bullets. On we go to the stage where once children's plays were performed. You will find the RED SHOE here.
On one of the audience benches you can also find the CHAIN. This thing is important now but hard to find. Go find it now.
Once you found it get back to the

Rocket Sled
If you listened to me you can be happy as there are no more monsters around, and when you are reading this here I suppose you also do what I say, so voila =)
You are welcome...
So what do you do here? Use the CHAIN on the stuck door, after this you go to the rocket sled and search for a hook on the round cylinder thing in the middle and hook up the chain there too.
So get to the controls of the rocket sled which is open now. Turn it on and the door is open.
So enter the newly opened door.

You find Douglas in front of a different ride and he philosophes about god. Or something like that.

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1) Kawon  (mail hidden)
wrote on:
Ich habe bei der "Raketenschaukel" keine Monster getötet und als ich wieder mit der Kette da ankam waren trotzdem keine Monster da. Kann man evt. Munition sparen. Ich spiele auf "Normal"

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