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Chapter 3



In the mud
You are in the sewers now. So get out, get up the stairs, cross the bridge, down the stairs and through the door you enter the

Sewage Canal
Get to the right from here to another door that leads to the right again (from your point of view).

Again in the mud
The same shit as just a few seconds ago. Up the stairs, cross the bridge and get into the nice and cozy place.

Trash Room
Well, be happy that there are no smally televisions and smell Playstationsgames. It must stink like hell in there. Whatever, you can't smell it so take the Ampoule with you and the DRYER. Now get back to the

Sewage Canal
On the other side of where you are coming from now is another door. Get in there now.

Monster Hallway
As the name might give away easily, there is a monster in this hallway. So kill the monster please or avoid it if you can. You approach another door and enter into the

Surveilance Room
Here is a save point. Then you go back out of the door and continue into the

Bridge Room
Here in the sewage there is a gruesome monster at home you don't want to come too close to. So you better plug the dryer into the socket. Next to the door is a socket. In a cutscene you can watch how Heather drops the dryer into the dirty water.
Now you can cross the bridge savely.
Once you crossed the bridge turn around and look into the water. Drop your old rusty pipe into the water. If everything goes well you will get a golden pipe and a silver pipe for this. If not... bad luck.

Yet another hallway
Well, another hallway, enter the door

Second Canal
Follow the only possible path, make a turn and enter the door.

Get deeper but then finally you are allowed to get back to higher ground.

Room with Brick Wall
So you finally nearly escaped the sewers, just one little step. Get up the stairs and climb the ladder.

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Navigation - Silent Hill 3
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