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Chapter 3


Unknown Station

Unknown Station
Somewhere between the grafittis on the wall there is a savepoint waiting for you. Save your game and then walk to the end of the hallway. Here is a door.

walk down the stairs and then to the right

And here we are again, all alone in the dark with lots of monsters. And no maps. And if there are monsters we are not that alone.
This time I'm not drawing an Asciimap. Maybe some time in the future, if I ever add images to this solution I will also add a map of this place, I promise. Until then you have to be content with my written words guiding you though the dark. Ot what about this: Try it on your own. Yeah, that is the best thing a solution can tell you, isn't it? But I intuitively found the right path down there...

What? You don't want to try on your own, well then, watch out.
So you enter through the door and then you are there, standing in the darkness. So far so good. There are monsters coming? Be fast and ignore them! Otherwise you will waste all your ammo.
Walk straight on until you bump into a wall. Walk to the left on this wall until you reach a door (on your right side of course). Enter this door. You are now on another hallway. Stay close to the wall on your right and search for another door on this wall. Enter the door and in the next hallway you walk straight on for as long until you reach a fork to the left. Follow the fork until you reach yet another door. Behind this door is a monsterless room. (Now you can continue breathing again...)

Map Room
Right here on the wall you will find a map of the underpass. A MAUL will be here too and a medkit. More infos about the MAUL can be found in the linked chapter.
Leave the maproom through the other door

On this hallway you take the first door to the right. You will enter some kind of

Trash Hallway
Pick up the WINE BOTTLE, 2 health drinks and the beef jerky. Get back on the Hallway. At the end of the hallway, behind the corner there is ammunition for the shotgun. Pick this up and then get back and take the last possible fork.

Spider Hallway with Hole at the End
Like the name implies, hold your breath, gather all your courage and then get in there tiger! And to the left. Don't fall into the hole.

Long Narrow Hallway
You walk through it until the end and reach a

Walk to the right here and turn right just after this again until you reach a gate. Through this gate you reach the

Machine Hallway
Fight your way through all the monsters and take the second path to the right

Second Machine Room
Here you will find a save point. After saving your game you might consider using the wine bottle to take some kerosene from the oven to get a OIL FILLED BOTTLE. Now get back to the machine hallway and enter the

First Machine Room
Pour the content of the wine bottle into the tank of the machine. The tank is at the left end of the machine. On the right end is the switch to turn it on (and off again). So what, turn it on now!
Now you can climb into the hole in the ground right behind you.

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