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Chapter 2


cracking a hard nut

first floor (Escalators)
You can use the save point here or just continue to the 2nd floor. Use the escalators leading up for this.
The escalators leading down lead nowhere and you can only fall down from them and die, so you should just avoid them or even forget about them.

Second Floor
Watch out for the cudgel swinger and the zombie dog. The zombie dog come runing at you with some delay and jumps at Heather if you stands for too long on the hallway in the second floor. So you better pass by the cudgel swinger and enter the first door to the right (S)

Here you can find a cooked dog (yummeee!!!). Look at it and you will get an COOKED KEY. Sounds delicious.
Look around in the restaurant there is one more health drink and one medkit to the left of the door at the back end.
Now get back to the first floor. Now you can save on the save point. Behind the savepoint enter the door into the

There is a WALNUT to be found here. After you have gotten the walnut walk on through the door onto yet another Hallway.

different way to the Hallway
From the Juwelry there is another way to the Hallway. For this you walk through another room with 3 small headbangers and also 3 health drinks. But the WALNUT from the Juwelry is more important than that, so first check out the juwelry, and then eventually the Passage. Or save before entering this monsterfilled room.

Watch out for the cudgel swinger and walk in a zig zag course until you reach a locked door. Here you use the COOKED KEY to unlock the door and finally enter the

You will realise really fast that this is an alternative Cafe in the nightmare version of Silent Hill. At one place the camera angle changes and the camera stands still. In this camera view you can pick up the STEELPIPE.
For more infos about the Steelpipe check out the linked weapons section. Now enter another door to the

Alternative Matroneum
From Heather's view go to the right into a double door.

Parted Storageroom
Here you pick up the DETERGENT and then walk through the room seperator. Behind it you enter through a door.

Fan Hallway
Turn of the fan and go into the door to the left.

Hallway with flying bloodsuckers
Here you cannot get past the monsters, even though you shoot them or stab them, they won't die. So we need something better here! The chemical warfare!
If you paid attention in chemestry in school you know that it is not that good of an idea to mix acids and bases as this will lead to a fierce and foggy reaction.
What a good thing we have the BLEACH and the DETERGENT right here. Just combine these two items and see what happens. In case you missed it, you get the Bleach in the Lady's Toilet.

Fan Hallway
Turn on the fan and enter the

Hallway with dead flying bloodsuckers
Here you walk along the hallways for quite some time without any doors. Once the first door is in sight you enter it to reach a room not worth a paragraph in this quite complete solution, pick up the beefjerky and then back to the hallway.
Follow the hallway and after a right left combination of corners you are in front of yet another door enter it into the

Room with the Cudgel Swinger
You can just ignore the cudgel swinger though and run past it to reach the

Hallway with bottomless places
Here the floor is open and a lot of spiderthings are around. They can climb from floor to floor without too much trouble for them but meaning more trouble for you. If you are fast enough you can avoid them easily.
Watch out and don't fall into one of the holes in the ground and then enter the

Sports Shop
Oh nice, another save point. Just use it. And you can find what every good sports shop has to have, a vise (or as the british say, a vice). Stuff your collected nut into the vise (or the british vice) and crack the WALNUT open. Some people need a crack for Silent Hill 3 to play it, but this is not what is meant here... And what do you get after opening the walnut, of course no nut, what could be expected, but a MOONSTONE.
If you ask yourself what happened to that poor walnut after you broke it open, well, you can ask the walnut itself, and it even answers your questions.
With this moonstone from the walnut in your pockets you track back to the 2nd floor. You don't have to walk all the way back through the long hallway, just continue to the left of the sports shop (outside) and you will be back on the Alternative Matroneum

Second Floor
Here you go, or better run directly from the escalator to the door right in front of you with the halfmoon on it. Put the MOONSTONE in the door and enter. There is no other use for the moonstone. But the halfmoon door is special already, isn't it?

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