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All the weapons from Silent Hill 3 and the places where they hide, aka the spots where to find the weapons.

And here we start with the first normal category of weapons that will help you fight your way through the game

Normal Weapons

Melee Weapons
Knive Steel Pipe Maul Katana


Heather has the knive already with her from the beginning of the game. Why such a sweet teen girl runs around heavily armed is not that clear to me... at least not at the beginning. After a few minutes in I want every weapon available.


You can hit your enemies hard with the steel pipe. The steel pipe is more effective than the knive that Heather has with her from the beginning on. Depending on how hard you press the button Button while hitting your enemies the harder Heather hits.
The drawback of hitting hard is a longer swing movement to charge up the hit. You can find the STEEL PIPE in the alternative Cafe above the kitchen stuff in the scene where the camera doesn't move.


The MAUL is a heavy morning star, a sphere with hard and painful spikes on it.
The maul hurts your enemies hard but it is also very heavy so it takes quite some time to finally hit an enemy.
But once you hit your enemy it is very effective, but it really takes a long time to hit and most of the time your enemy already hit you in this charge time and this interrupts your charging move and you have to charge again from the beginning and this takes time again and so your enemy has the chance to hit you again. So use the maul only against single enemies. If there are lots of enemies or fast enemies on screen use another weapon.
You can find the MAUL in the Maproom in the Sewers.


The Katana is a noble hack and slay weapon that is fun to handle. You can hit hard and soft. Try hitting soft, getting your enemy out of cover with this and then hit hard. Fun times!
You can find the KATANA in the art gallery in the Hilltop Center.


Handgun Shotgun Submachinegun


You will find the HANDGUN in the clothesstore in the shopping center. You cannot really miss it as Heather will pick it up automatically. The Handgun is your first gun, keep it safe. And don't shoot too much as you don't have unlimited ammo. Sometimes it's better to just run away. Heather is no superhero but just an ordinary girl.


You can find the SHOTGUN in the subway, on Level -2, behind the locked door that you open with the nut cracker. Wrapped up in gift paper the shotgun is waiting for you in one of the subway trains.
The shotgun is a mighty weapon that keeps you safe from the monsters and helps you kill the monsters.
The shotgun of course is more powerful than the handgun.


You can find the SUBMACHINEGUN in the basement of Brookhaven Hospital. Because I listed the weapons in this order intentional and because you get the weapons in this order within the game this is the most powerful weapon in Silent Hill 2.
Sadly you don't get that much ammunition for the submachine gun so you better use it rarely and on bosses.


Other Weapons (and Stuff)
Stun Gun Beef Jerky Perfume Bulletproof West Silencer


The stun gun is a cool and halfways effective weapon, you can find it in Heather's Apartment, after you killed off the missionary and before entering Silent Hill.
The stun gun is the only weapon in the other weapons category that can run out of ammo. So always keep and eye on your stun gun ammo and keep collecting ammo.
To use the stun gun as a weapon you have to be really close to your enemy, as close as with no other weapon in Silent Hill 3. But therefore you can rapidly unleash the shockwaves on your victim.


You can find the BEEF JERKY in the shopping center. This is useful if the ZOMBIEDOGS are getting on your nerves too much or your health is getting low. If you throw beef jerky somewhere where these zombie dogs are near they won't attack you and rather eat the beef jerky. But only if they walk past the beef jerky and notice it, so find a good place for it before you drop it...


Nope, this is not about the novel the Perfume by Patrick Süßkind, which is also a recommended read, but here we talk about THE PERFUME you can find in the Ladies dressing room in Brookhaven Hospital.
The thing with the perfume is, it doesn't do you any good, but if you equip it you attrack even more enemies.
The only reason to use the perfume then is probably to use it to get a higher killrate.
So you better ignore the perfume at first.
Or read on under HeatherBeams, there you can find out what the high killrate is good for.


The bulletproof west can stand some attacks by monsters but you only walk really slow when you are wearing it. In case you sneak through the hallways all the time, your weapon ready to fire this is the right item for you. If you are running along the hallways all the time and manage to avoid the monsters the bulletproof west is more of a nuisance to you.
You have to decide this yourself. Do you need it or not, these lines above should just fuel your thoughts.
You can find the bulletproof west in the alternative clothes store in the shopping center.


Once you throw down the mattress in the run down building there is one wall that looks different from the other walls. If you smash your maul against the wall the wall breaks down and you earn the SILENCER for this.
You can use it with the handgun and the submachinegun. Use the equip command to use it.
You can of course use the silencer on one weapons then take it and use it on the other weapon, it is not attached forever to a weapon once you use it. Once you equipped a weapon with the silence of course the shots will be quieter and won't attract as many monsters as without the silencer.
You can find the silencer in the bum's bedroom.


Special Weapons

Special Weapons
Unlimited Submachinegun Beam Saber Flamethrower
Heather Beam Sexy Beam Gold- and Silverpipe

As described above you can find these weapons only if you play Silent Hill 3 the second time after completely completing it before and saving this. If this is the case you can find these weapons here:


You will find the unlimited submachine gun right at the beginning in the hallway outside of the shopping center. Climb out of the window of the toilet and walk back the short path to where the path is blocked and on the trashpile you will find the UNLIMITED SUBMACHINE GUN.


You can find the BEAM SABER on your second playthrough if you smashed and stabbed more enemies than you shot enemies on your previous playthrough.
You will find it in the hallway on the 2nd floor of the shopping center. Walk to the end of the hallway towards the pallet with the key below for which you need the pliers from the bakery. But don't enter the room with the key but walk to the end of the hallway on the 2nd floor. There the cameraview suddenly changes and you can see the last door of the hallway. If you try to open the door Heather has the BEAM SABRE in her hand and not the doorknob.
Upgrade: Complete the game with a 10 Star Rankung and your lightsaber will be twice as long. This is where it gets interesting.


You can find the FLAMETHROWER on your second playthrough if you shot more enemies than you smashed and stabbed enemies on your previous playthrough.
If you stabbed more enemies you will get the Beam Saber and the flamethrower the next time, on your next playthrough.
You can find the flamethrower in the bakery, it's located on the counter opposite of the pliers.
Upgrade: Complete the game with a 10 Star Rankung and your flamethrower will become more powerfull and finally is really deadly. This is where it gets interesting.


To get the Heather Beam you have to have killed 333 monster at all on you memory card you are currently using. So don't worry, you don't have to kill them all in one playthrough, you have all the time and all the games you played up to now.
Once you killed 333 monsters unequip all your weapons, then press button to draw your weapon and press button to fire.
You also need the Heather Beam besides for killing monsters to reach the Revenge End within Silent Hill 3.


The Sexy Beam is the same as the Heather Beam, only a little bit stronger. To be able to use the Sexy Beam you have to have the Heather Beam unlocked and then wear the Transform / PrincessHeart Costume.


Once you killed the monster with the hair dryer and crossed the bridge in the Bridgeroom look into the water and throw your old steel pipe into the water and answer honestly to the questions the pixie asks you (no-no-yes) and you will receive a golden pipe and a silver pipe for this.
The gold and silver pipes are no different from the normal steel pipe but to see a special ending you need both pipes but you are not allowed to use them while playing as this will take away some points from your final rating. That's mean, isn't it?

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