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Fruit Tree Location Map

On the following interactive map you can find all locations of all fruittrees in Shadow of the Colossus. Find them all in the game and collect all the fruits hanging from the trees and Wander's lifebar will become enormously big. Use an arrow to shoot the fruit or even more than one fruit at a time out of the tree and pick it up with the button Button.

The fruits from the secret garden are not shown in the map as they are the forbidden fruits that will remove some pixels from the length of Wander's lifebar and won't be adding to it. That's why they are called forbidden fruits, so you better avoid them and only eat the normal tasty and healthy fruits shown in the map. For the Gold Trophy Cornucopia in the PS3 version you have to collect even the forbidden fruits in the secret garden. These are not shown in the map below but there are good videos on youtube about this topic.
The numbers on the map tell you how many fruits there are per marked tree location. If there is something like number+number on the map, this means this symbol is for more than one tree where every number represents the number of fruits you can find per tree. Smaller numbers are for smaller trees usually. (If you can't read the numbers because they are too bright... get a newer browser!).
While collecting the fruits it's better to shoot down one fruit, grab and eat it and then continue to the next fruit even when there is more than one fruit on a tree. This is because some few fruits fall through the ground and land a bit under the groundlevel and so they are close to invisible or even invisible so you have a hard time finding the fruit you just shot from the tree and didn't exactly see where it landed. It's even harder when you shoot down more than one fruit at a time and don't see where they all come down. You can still grab them from their landing spot under the earth but they are hard to spot. In case you missed one fruit and come back later, the fruits you didn't eat are back on the tree (and no new tree is growing from them).

Fruit Tree Location Map

Colossus 01
Colossus 02
Colossus 03
Colossus 04
Colossus 05
Colossus 06
Colossus 07
Colossus 08
Colossus 09
Colossus 10
Colossus 11
Colossus 12
Colossus 13
Colossus 14
Colossus 15
Colossus 16

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1) Cazoon  (mail hidden)
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vielen dank echt hilfreich.
wobei ich bei den kolossen immer erst versuche so klar zu kommen bevor ich mir hier einen tipp hole. aber die standorte von allen dingen einigermaßen zu wissen erleichtert einem das spiel wirklich. vor allem weil es echt nervig sein kann ständig auf die karte schauen zu müssen^^


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