The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you turn off the annoying button prompts?

The button prompts are gigantic and intrusive and annoying and they come up again and again and again.

Most people would tell you no, you cannot turn them off.

I'm gonna say - kind of. Sometimes.

There's no specific setting at this time to turn off the prompts - though we hope they will address this in a future patch.

The button prompts come up to tell you how to perform a specific action. If you complete that action enough in short succession - that particular button prompt will go away forever. If you get a button prompt telling you to jump when you come up next to a ledge, jump up on the ledge, then drop back down, then jump up on the ledge, then drop back down, then jump back on the ledge. When the game is convinced you know how to jump up on a ledge - it will stop giving you that prompt, and you'll never see it again.

You may have to do this more than once for a button prompt. For instance, the game will tell you to jump when you're standing near a ledge you can hang from. Jumping up to that ledge repeatedly will turn off the prompt to jump up to ledges - but not the prompt to jump up to ivy. When you start getting prompts to jump up to ivy - again jump up to the ivy, then drop down, then jump up, then drop down - until you stop getting the prompt. Then you'll never see that prompt again when you come to ivy. The game knows that you know that you can jump up and grab onto ivy.

Take the time to do this each time you see a button prompt, and you won't have to deal with these annoyances all the way through the game.

You may not be able to get rid of all button prompts in this way. I've never been able to get the game to stop prompting me to throw or drop barrels, for example. But I would estimate that you can get 90% of the prompts to stop coming up just by doing them until the game knows that you have it down.

What is Midnight Mode?

Midnight Mode is a setting found in the audio options that reduces the noise levels on the loudest sounds in the game. That way you're less likely to disturb people who might be trying to sleep when you're playing the game late at night.

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