The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

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First and foremost, I highly recommend that you turn the sensitivity all the way up in the camera options. The camera is slow to respond and has to pick up momentum to move. Having the sensitivity turned all the way up will minimize this problem and you'll spend less time fighting with the camera.


The boy is quite agile and sure footed. While he will often trip over himself and fall while running, he will never fall off a cliff accidentally. You don't need to slow your movement, or be cautious, when moving near a cliff, or when tightrope walking along beams or ropes. In order to fall, you actually have to jump button off an edge, or drop down with button.


You can receive in game hints by meditating. Hold button or button while on a flat surface to meditate. The game will give you a hint. However, this will simply be the last hint you already heard. There are other hints that can only be heard by waiting in an area, or running around.

Usually a new hint is only shown by waiting in an area, or running around the area and not properly progressing. Since there is a trophy for hearing every hint, you find all the hints gathered on special page for the All Talked out Trophy.

Some hints can be heard in multiple different locations. If I know of more than one location, I'll list the hint in multiple locations with a number next to it to indicate that this is not the only place it shows up. You only need to hear a hint one time. You don't need to find that same hint in multiple locations. In fact, you can only generally hear any individual hint one time during a given playthrough. It's just that there may be multiple possible places to hear that hint.

Some hints are dependent on taking - or not taking - specific actions. Look at the hints in the guide. The instructions in the hint - as well as the location in the guide - should give you some idea what you have to do to obtain that hint. For instance -

- I decided to withdraw to a safe distance so that it might enjoy its meal in peace.

This hint indicates that it happens when you've fed Trico a barrel at the beginning of the game and he's not eating it because you're close. To trigger this hint, you need to set the barrel next to Trico - and then just stay there until you hear the hint.

- The beast seemed greatly improved. But it was still unable to move freely--
- the enormous collar about its neck saw to that.
- I resolved to free the beast.

These hints indicate that you didn't remove Trico's collar. To trigger these hints, you need to just wait around after feeding Trico and removing the spears - but not remove the collar.

To get the hint, look at what it's telling you to do - and don't do it. Then the game will need to give you a hint for how to progress.


In addition to the locations listed in my walkthough and the complete list of all barrels in the game, a near by barrel will be indicated by glowing blue butterflies. When you're close to a barrel, blue butterflies will start flying around in front of you. The closer there are to the barrel, the more butterflies there will be. You can use this to help you spot barrels in the game.

Trico Commands

At a certain point in the game, you'll gain access to a list of commands for Trico. There are generally always 2 commands that will get Trico to perform most (but not all) actions. Given enough time, he'll often figure out what to do on his own - but this will leave you waiting in an area for several minutes or more, waiting for Trico to figure out where to go and what to do.

You can generally point to where you want Trico to go with button + button to get him to command an action. If it's difficult to point to where you want him to go, you'll need to pick the appropriate action between jump button + button, action button + button, or rarely, attack button + button. The heel command button + button is mostly useful for getting Trico to stay in a specific spot.

More information on Trico's commands is given in the walkthrough when you reach the area in the game where you unlock the Commands for Trico.

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