The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

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All hints are now listed, and I believe all links are working. Use CTRL + F for the search function, and type in the most recent hint or dialog and then click on the link to find the section where you're at in the game. This section can also be used as a checklist for the hints required for the All Talked Out trophy.
You can use the checkboxes on this page or throughout the walkthrough to save your collectibles progress. Just use the light blue button right below here. You can find some more explanation in the Gameplay Tips Chapter.

 Hint 1
"Be among the chosen ones..."
In my dream, I was flying. Flying through the darkness...
 Hint 2
I awoke to find myself in a strange cave.
 Hint 3
I noticed with a start that I was not alone.
Beside me lay a great man-eating beast-- "Trico."
I did not know how, why, or when it had happened--
but my skin was covered with peculiar markings.
Where am I...?
 Hint 4
I thought that I was still dreaming...
I believed that I would soon wake...
 Hint 5
The beast was far from happy.
It seemed greatly pained by the spears that pierced its flesh.
 Hint 6
I decided to help it. To try to pull the spears from its flesh...
 Hint 7
In its pain, the poor beast was wary.
I felt that my best option would be to withdraw and reconsider.
 Hint 8
The beast was highly agitated. It seemed unwise to approach.
I decided it best to withdraw and consider my options.
 Hint 9
The beast seemed more than a little wary of me.
I decided it best to withdraw and consider my options.
 Hint 10
I wondered if the beast might be hungering for something...
 Hint 11
It was wary and would not allow me to approach the spear.
 Hint 12
Are you...hungry?
I suspected that the great beast had not eaten in some time.
 Hint 13
It was staring longingly at a nearby barrel...
 Hint 14
The beast seemed reluctant to eat with me so close by...
 Hint 15
I was a little surprised.
I had not imagined for a moment that the beast could possibly wolf the barrel down whole.
Want some more?
 Hint 16
Thinking it unwise to upset the beast any further, I decided to withdraw.
 Hint 17
I decided to withdraw to a safe distance so that it might enjoy its meal in peace.
 Hint 18
I wondered if its hunger might not yet have been satisfied.
 Hint 19
I decided to go in search of more barrels.
 Hint 20
My offerings appeared to have sated the beast's appetite--
but it was still in pain, and could not stand.
Does it still hurt?
 Hint 21
The spear in its right shoulder prevented it from standing.
 Hint 22
I did my best to remove the spear.
 Hint 23
The beast seemed greatly improved. But it was still unable to move freely--
the enormous collar about its neck saw to that.
 Hint 24
I resolved to free the beast.
 Hint 25
There. Is that better?
 Hint 26
Having thoroughly explored the area--
I clambered onto the beast's back--
and made my way toward the source of the white smoke.
 Hint 27
This mirror, with its mysterious light...
It was made from a substance I had never seen before.
It seemed important. I decided to...borrow it for a while.
 Hint 28
The beast at my side, I raised the mirror...
 Hint 29
The lightning that flew from the beast's tail took me greatly by surprise.
Could it really have been summoned by the mirror?
 Hint 30
Though assailed by doubts--
I thought that if I could harness the destructive power of the beast's lightning--
Perhaps we might find a way out. It seemed foolish not to try.
 Hint 31
I had heard of these great man-eating beasts many times from the elder.
Yet in spite of the terrifying tales, I felt no fear. None at all...
 Hint 32
You don't like water?
 Hint 33
My friend seemed reluctant to swim.
I wondered if I might tempt the beast with one or two of its beloved barrels...
 Hint 34
Well, this is good-bye. I must go home to my village.
 Hint 35
No! Stop following me!
Go home!
 Hint 36
We had escaped the dank confines of the cave--
and emerged into a place the like of which I had never seen.
...Oh. You can't fly? Are your wings broken?
I would not realize until much later--
but I was now in the heart of the beast's lair. "The Nest".
 Hint 37
It seemed that the door on the far side might be broken--
with the aid of my companion's lightning.
 Hint 38
The beast was scared of something...
Trico? What's wrong?
 Hint 39
The glowing mirror, mine when last I looked, was nowhere to be found.
 Hint 40
I decided to thoroughly explore the area around the unmoving beast...
 Hint 41
Something in the armor's ill-omened air told me to keep my distance...
 Hint 42
Trico seemed greatly unsettled after the battle with the suits of armor.
I had to find a way to calm my companion's nerves.
 Hint 43
A mysterious aroma hung in the air...
 Hint 44
It was trying desperately to squeeze itself through the hole and reach the pot.
 Hint 45
The beast was enchanted by the scent of the pot, and would not move.
There was nothing else for it. I would have to try and dispel the heady scent.
 Hint 46
I thought you were afraid of the water?
 Hint 47
Desperate to calm the beast, I stroked and petted him feverishly.
Thinking back, it seems almost that stroking in different places elicited different responses...
 Hint 48
The beast could not find a way forward.
But we had come so far together.
And in so doing, we had developed a bond.
A mutual understanding that offered us a chance of escape...
 Hint 49
 Hint 50
The beast had grown accustomed to my company.
So accustomed, in fact, that it began to mimic my movements.
I ran, jumped, capered, and cavorted.
And in so doing, I learned something of what the beast might be encouraged to do.
 Hint 51
I searched carefully, convinced that there was something nearby.
 Hint 52
I searched carefully, hoping to find a way into another room.
 Hint 53
It seemed that my companion was very fond indeed of these pots.
 Hint 54
I wondered if I might be able to use the pot with which the beast was so enamored...
 Hint 55
The hanging chain appeared to be connected to the door in some way...
 Hint 56
What's the matter?
Are you frightened?
It was a striking design, akin to an eye in shape...
The beast seemed transfixed by it...
and at the same time terrified.
 Hint 57
Better now?
 Hint 58
Fearful of the symbol in the glass, the beast refused to take another step...
 Hint 59
I examined the chain with great interest.
It seemed... different to the ones I had encountered before.
 Hint 60
You're still frightened? But it's so far away!
 Hint 61
The beast appeared to want to show me the way ahead.
And so I clambered onto its back...
 Hint 62
Don't worry! I'll think of something!
 Hint 63
Don't worry. I'll be back soon.
 Hint 64
The beast seemed suddenly ill at ease. I was worried...
Until I realized that it was merely hungry.
 Hint 65
What the...?
There is more than one...Trico?
 Hint 66
Another One? Leave this to me!
 Hint 67
I recognized this place...
We had fallen through the ceiling and landed back here.
 Hint 68
The beast sat down once more.
I decided to go in search of more barrels...
 Hint 69
Having found myself at what seemed to be a dead end, I searched for a way onward.
 Hint 70
I wondered if there might be somewhere I could jump to on the beast's back.
My eyes scanned the area for a likely spot...
 Hint 71
There was nothing else for it. I would have to try and jump onto Trico's back.
 Hint 72
The entire area was alive with the strange aroma that so captivated my companion.
Distracted by the scent of the pot as it was, the beast would not heed my call.
 Hint 73
I fell through the air, convinced for that brief moment that this was the end for me--
and then the comforting softness of the beast's back came up to greet me.
 Hint 74
I would not be able to leave this place unaided...
 Hint 75
I clung on tightly, and together we made our escape.
 Hint 76
There was nothing else for it. I would have to go in search of more barrels... 1
 Hint 77
I knew what I had to do... I left the beast behind and ran.
 Hint 78
The cogwheel on the wall seemed to be connected somehow to the gate...
 Hint 79
The beast appeared not to want to enter the water.
I resolved to lead by example...
 Hint 80
I could hold my breath no longer. My companion disappeared from sight...
 Hint 81
Higher and higher I climbed in hopes of finding my companion...
 Hint 82
It was the same beast.
The same one that had sent us back to the bottom of the valley...
 Hint 83
Desperately, I searched for a means of escape...
 Hint 84
I waited for what seemed an eternity...
 Hint 85
By having the beast push the cage, I was able to overcome obstacles.
 Hint 86
There was nothing else for it. I would have to go in search of more barrels... 2
 Hint 87
The helmet...
Perhaps attaching it to a suit of armor might reveal a way onward...
 Hint 88
Quickly! It will be back soon!
 Hint 89
It's me.
 Hint 90
Be among the chosen ones...
 Hint 91
This was the valley known in the ancient tales as "the Nest"...
And if the tales were to be believed...
the only way in or out was from the air...
 Hint 92
Though the way was narrow, Trico seemed able to squeeze through.
 Hint 93
Trico had flown. Not far, perhaps, but far enough to be certain.
Perhaps when his wings were fully healed...
we might be able to fly further...
We were so close...
 Hint 94
Throwing caution to the wind...
I gave the masked beast's tail an almighty tug...
 Hint 95
I had to help my companion. I had to jump.
 Hint 96
Perhaps a few barrels will make you feel better?
 Hint 97
Exhausted, I fell into a deep slumber...
Do you feel better now?
You can stand? Oh, thank goodness!
Do you think we can make it back up?
 Hint 98
My companion struggled valiantly to resist.
 Hint 99
I wondered if there might be a way to destroy the device that troubled the beast so...
 Hint 100
Can you fly there, Trico?
 Hint 101
At last, having scoured the outside of the tower, I found a way inside.
 Hint 102
The plinth seemed almost as if it were made to house the mirror.
 Hint 103
The ceiling prevented us from continuing our ascent.
 Hint 104
Clambering over Trico's tail, I made my way to the level below...
 Hint 105
All that we found was a hole so small that only I could squeeze through.
 Hint 106
I know now...
...that this was the master of the valley.
 Hint 107
It seemed that the light of the mirror suppressed the great darkness somewhat.
 Hint 108
Resolved to face whatever may come, I brought the spinning blades to a halt.
 Hint 109
Unbelievably, the tail retained its power even when severed...
 Hint 110
There was nothing else I could do.
I had to send the beast away.
Reluctantly, I said the words.
 Hint 111
I doubt it has long to live.
 Hint 112
And that is how it ended.
Our extraordinary story.

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