The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 10
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As soon as you get across, point Trico to the right and command him to jump button + button. When he stands up against the stone wall, climb to his head and jump to the high wall.
 Barrel 25 can be found at the end of this wall.

There's a broken wooden staircase high up on one side of the area. Call Trico over to it, then command him up button + button. Trico will stand on his hind legs against a stone support near the wooden bridge. You can climb on top of his head, and jump to the stairs. It's a tough jump, and if you miss and fall to the ground from this height, it will hurt, leaving you limping. But it won't do any permanent damage if you fall. Instead of jumping to the stairs, though, it's safer just to hop to the stone support structure next to the one where you found the barrel for Trico. Command Trico up just like you did before, then climb him and jump to the stone structure. Follow that towards the building and there's a ladder that will take you up to the same place as the wooden stairs would eventually lead.

Turn right at the top of the ladder and continue on until you run into an area where the ledge has crumbled. There's a wooden plank strewn over the gap. Walk carefully across the plank, then walk around the corner. There's a ledge you can climb just above you. From the ledge, it isn't obvious where to go next, but there's a small hole in the building just above the ledge. Climb on top of the ledge, position yourself beneath the hole, then jump button up to the ledge and pull yourself up, and you'll climb into a small little vent type water gutter. Crawl along the tiny passage until you emerge inside the building.


You'll emerge high up in the rafters in the roof of a tall room. It looks like you need to walk along the various rafters to try to find your way to the other side of the room. I was unable to find a way across through the broken rafters, however. Eventually, I always just fell to the ground. It's a long fall - but not fatal.

On the side of the room closest to the door, you'll see two sets of armor spinning around in circles, with what looks like spotlights in front of them. If you get into these spotlight, the armor will see you and come after you. Alerting either armor will result in both suits chasing you. You can maybe take one of these guys if you're good - but two together is probably more than you want to mess with. Be careful not to step into their view. Wait until they're not looking, then sneak past and flip the switch by the door to let Trico in.

The switch is actually a chain mechanism. You won't be able to get the door all the way open before the armor will spot you and come after you. Trico will not fit through the door, but he'll reach under with one arm and start batting at the armor. Lure them over to Trico. He doesn't do much damage like this, but he can knock them down. He may knock them over the nearby cliff to their doom. If he knocks a suit of armor down, grab its head with button, and then pull with buttonbutton to finish the foe.

After the armor is defeated, go back to pulling the chain to get the door open all the way so Trico can get in. Call Trico to the far side of the room and command him up button + button. He will stand up against the wall, and you can climb him to get up on the ledge above the gate. From here, there's a ladder that will take you back up to the side of the room where there's another rain gutter you can climb through. I suspect that if you had made it across the rafters to here in the first place, you could skip the whole ordeal with the armor underneath. Climb back through the gutter to emerge outside.

Head to your right (the boy's left), and shimmy out onto the ledge, which will take you part way out around a rounded section of the building. Eventually you may need to drop down button to a lower ledge to turn a corner, and make your way the rest of the way across. Sometimes I haven't been able to turn the corner without hanging down - other times it's been no problem. Keep sliding across the ledge outside the building. At the end of the ledge is another unblocked gutter that you can jump up to button to climb back inside.


You're back in a situation much like the last room, where you're up in the rafters. Only this time there are six rotating suits of armor down below. If you make it far enough along the rafters without falling, eventually a wooden beam will collapse underneath you, dropping you unceremoniously on your behind. It's starting to seem like you probably can't make it along the rafters in these rooms. Your goal just needs to be to make it far enough that you don't get dropped right into the middle of all the suits of armor. Dealing with two suits on your own was inadvisable. Dealing with six is pretty much suicide.

Wait until the armor's view rotates around so you can sneak between the rows of armor without being spotted, then run to the chain and pull it as far back as you can. Again, Trico can't get all the way through the door but will start pawing under the door. Six suits of armor is too much to handle like this, though. It takes Trico a long time to do enough damage to kill one, and with six of them, you'll never have the opportunity to help out by attacking a downed suit of armor without being grabbed by another one. Running under the door to take cover behind Trico won't help, either. The armor won't follow you. They'll simply sit beyond the door and cast runes at you, where Trico can't hurt them. They can't really do any actual harm to you this way - only disorient you - but you can't hurt them either. It's a stalemate.

Run down to the opposite end of the bridge and let the armor chase you. When the armor has almost caught up to you on the far side, run past the armor the other way and back to the chain, to pull the chain as far as you can before the armor catches up with you. You'll probably need to repeat this process two or three times before the door get opened far enough for Trico to get into the room. Once Trico gets in the room, he'll make short work of the enemies.

Alternately, it is possible to defeat the enemies by opening the gate just enough for Trico to get an arm underneath and then continually luring the enemies into Trico's grasp. It takes quite a while, but it's doable.

If you time things just right, it is possible to get the gate open on the first try, letting Trico in before the armor can ever stop you from pulling the switch.

If you're still struggling with getting this gate open, ladyhawke2 has the following tip.

If you trip the lights to make the guards come to life and run almost all the way to the opposite gate, you can jump across and grab onto one of the pillars that are all along both sides of the walls. You will grab a ledge and from there you can drop down onto another ledge and you find a series of walkways underneath the bridge.

Wait for the guards to get all the way up to you before you drop completely down and the guards will stop where you are. You might get dazed a bit once you drop down but smashing buttons takes care of that. Run all along this bottom ledge all the way back to the end that has the gate you are wanting to open. Stay on the ledge on the right side of the bridge. At the end you will find a small wooden walkway that will allow you to jump up and grab the above ledge and pull yourself up. From there I ran and grabbed the lever and pulled it all the way out before the guards ever got back to me. Trico came through the now fully opened gate and took care of all of the guards for me. All I did was stand behind him!

Calm your friend after the battle by petting him. These enemies had no spears, so Trico should not be injured. Like you did in the last room, call Trico to the far end of the room, then command him up button + button, then climb up him to reach the balcony above the gate. This time, there's a man sized opening above the gate on the left side, leading outside. Just outside, you'll find a switch that will open the door for Trico, and beside that a ladder that will take you down to the ground floor level.

Trico won't leave the building, however. There's another one of those stained glass eyeball mirrors sitting on the bridge. Grab the handle on the Stained-Glass Eye button, and push it off the bridge buttonbutton.

Call Trico out onto the bridge, and then climb on his back. Command him to jump button + button, or just wait for a moment, and he'll jump up onto an outcropping on the far wall. It looks like there's an opening ahead that you can climb into, but there's not. Just stay on Trico's back and he'll turn to the left and jump up to another ledge. There's nothing here for you, either. Wait, and Trico will turn around and jump up to a third ledge. Again it looks like there might be an opening into the building, but there's not, and leaving Trico will likely result in a fatal fall. Stay on his back, and he'll jump across a gap onto a partially collapsed bridge. While this is a safer area, there's nothing here for you to do. Don't leave Trico's back. You'll have to command him to jump button + button to get him to take that last leap, through a large open window up above. Wait for him to jump down into the room beyond before you jump down off of Trico's back.

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1) Kartens      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2017-06-22 02:55:10

N´abend, ist ein schöner Guide und mir gefällt das Layout.

Für Kapitel 10 beim öffnen der Tore empfehle ich alternativ eine zügige/streßfreie Variante, denn gerade beim Timerun sollte man die Rüstungen nicht (vorzeitig) aufschrecken. Es reicht schon, wenn ihr die Tore mittels Kette einen Spalt weit öffnen könnt. Sollte euch der Lichtkegel der Rüstungen zu nahe kommen, lasst die Kette einfach los und schlüpft kurz zu eurem Begleiter unter dem Tor durch. Im Vorraum seid ihr vor neugierigen Blicken sicher, und selbst der lautstarke Trico erregt keine Aufmerksamkeit (vermutlich haben magische Rüstungen generell keine Ohren, oder der Hardwareplatz ging für das Scheinwerferupgrade drauf)...Jedenfalls, sobald der Lichtkegel vorbeigezogen ist könnt Ihr zurück huschen um das Tor weiter zu öffnen. Selbst bei schlechtem Timing sollte man den Vorgang max. 2-3 mal wiederholen müssen. Die Zeitersparnis gegenüber einem raumgreifendem Spießrutenlauf sollte dennoch groß sein.

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