The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 11
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There's another one of those one-way giant Trico doggie doors up ahead, and as soon as he gets in the area, Trico makes a beeline for it, getting himself stuck on the other side. Oh well, this room looked boring anyway...

 Hint 51
I searched carefully, convinced that there was something nearby.
 Hint 52
I searched carefully, hoping to find a way into another room.
Follow your buddy through the gate. There's a dangling chain in one corner of the room. You can climb the chain up, or you can have Trico give you a boost up. Either way, make your way up to the wooden staircase above. Follow the stairs around to the other side of the room, where you'll find a switch. Hit the switch, then return back down to the ground floor. The switch raised a small round structure that Trico can jump on in the middle of the room. Climb on Trico and command him to jump, and he'll leap up and land on it. From here you can jump out and land on another wooden walkway, a level up from the switch you hit. Follow the walkway and it will lead you to a small staircase that takes you to the next room.

There's a round sphere that looks kind of like a planet with rings (think Saturn) suspended in the middle of the room. Jump from the wood platform out to the sphere, then from there, jump down to the round cage hanging from a chain just below. From here you can see two white wooden beams along the wall in one corner. Jump out and grab one of these beams and then lower yourself down button to the platform below. There's a chain hanging from the platform, with a glowing blue object at the bottom. Descend down the chain button, then jump out to the balcony beside it. The blue thing at the end of the chain is a pot of that blue stuff Trico loves so much.

Head to the bottom of the stairs to the ground floor. There's a switch here. Pull the switch, and it will lower the chain all the way to the ground.

 Hint 53
It seemed that my companion was very fond indeed of these pots.
 Hint 54
I wondered if I might be able to use the pot with which the beast was so enamored...
You can now go to the chain and pick up the pot with button. Grab the pot and head up the stairs as high as you can go. At the end, you'll find the two metal doors you saw from the other side but couldn't get through. They are barred on this side. Set the pot down button, and walk up to the bar on one of the doors and press button to remove it.

Pick up the pot and take it through the door, then toss it button down to the ground in the next room. Jump down onto Trico's back, then down to the floor and pick the pot up again.

 Hint 55
The hanging chain appeared to be connected to the door in some way...
Take the pot and hang it button on the chain dangling in this room.

Trico will now grab the pot and start pulling on it. As Trico pulls on the chain, it will lift up the door into the next room. The door will only lift up for a moment at a time, so hurry and run underneath into the next room.

In one corner of the room, there's a strange cylindrical object at the bottom of a wooden ramp. Go to the far side of the object, grab it with button, then start pushing it up the ramp buttonbutton. At the top, it will settle into a depressed groove in the ground. Next, walk around to the side of the cylinder against the wall of the room. Grab the side and continue pushing. You'll push the cylinder off the raised platform onto the ground below, and it will land on its side. Grab the cylinder and push it toward the door, until it's up against the door. Now when Trico pulls the door up high enough, you can push the cylinder under the door to keep it raised.

If Trico has lost interest in the pot on the other side of the door, and is no longer pulling on the chain, you can command him to grab it again with button + button.

After you have the door blocked open, you can get Trico to stop pulling on the chain by commanding him to heel button + button.

There's a gate on the opposite side of the room that you can squeeze between the bars. There's you'll find  Barrel 26 inside that you can feed to Trico. Then hop on Trico's back and climb up to the area above the gate.

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