The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 12
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 Hint 56
What's the matter?
Are you frightened?
It was a striking design, akin to an eye in shape...
The beast seemed transfixed by it...
and at the same time terrified.
There are two of the stained glass eyeball windows hanging on the sides of the hall. Trico cowers in fright every time he sees these windows, as if he's been trained to fear them. There's no handles on these mirrors to move them, as there has been in the past. There's a small alcove on the side of the hall just as you enter the area. Inside, you'll find some armor helmets half buried in the dirt. Pull one of the helmets free button + buttonbutton, then take the armor helmet over to a window and throw it button through the glass. Then pick it up and throw it through the other window as well.

 Hint 57
Better now?
Hop on Trico's back and he'll leap up to the next area. You likely won't even have to command him to do this. Hop down off Trico's back and continue down the stairs. This is a wide open area (and eventually Trico destroys some stuff around here). There's another one of those stained glass windows up ahead. This one is inside protective bars so you can't throw something through it. Walk to the edge of the platform and drop down next to the base that the window is sitting on. Grab the base and push it forward along the track button + buttonbutton until it falls off the edge into the pit. The track will be damaged as the thing falls, but you'll move off to the side.

Walk carefully out to the edge of the track, and command Trico to jump button + button. Trico will leap over your head to the wooden walkway across from you, which will partially collapse under his weight. After a moment, Trico will turn around and walk out to the very edge of the platform. After he's all the way at the edge, jump out button toward him. Don't jump until Trico puts one foot all the way forward onto the edge of the broken bridge. If you jump too soon, Trico will not be ready and he won't be able to catch you. It's far too long a jump for you to make, but Trico will reach out and catch you by your shirt collar like he does when you fall near him, and then turn around and place you safely on the walkway.

Heading along the walkway, there's another stained glass window. Follow the wooden walkways and take the walkway that leads out over the track with the window. Drop down onto the track. Run around behind the window base so you can push it toward the edge of the track rather than pull it. It's slightly downhill, so all you need to do is get it started and it will roll to the edge of the track and fall off.

This time it does a little bit more damage to the track. The whole track begins to collapse, one little section at a time. Run back onto the stone platform beyond the track. Even that isn't safe. The platform begins to crumble and fall apart. Trico is waiting on the wood platform across a gap. Again, the jump is too long for you, but you'll need to trust Trico. Jump across. This time he can't quite reach you. As you fall, Trico swings his tail down and you manage to grab onto his tail, saving you once again.

But you're still not out of the woods. This platform begins to wobble and collapse as well. Trico runs and leaps toward the building, to a small part of the wood walkway that hasn't collapsed. It's too small for him to get a grip, though. He claws frantically at the stone trying to keep his footing. Climb up Trico and hop off onto the platform. There's a round log at the base of the wall. There's a pot on the ground in front of it. Pick up the pot and toss it off the cliff, then climb over the log. The log will roll toward Trico, stopping when it hits two metal bars on either side of the wood platform. Trico will grab onto the log and use it to stabilize his grip and keep from falling. Climb quickly back onto Trico's head, and Trico will leap to the safety of the stone platform above.

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