The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 13
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You're now in another large interior room, with a large hall ahead. Head into the hall, up a flight of stairs. This leads into a heavily damaged room, where the hall turns to the right, then left again shortly thereafter. The hall emerges into a large room with an eyeball window up high in the middle of the room on a track. There are two suit of armor that will begin coming toward you. Trico is too scared of the eyeball window to fight them.

 Hint 58
Fearful of the symbol in the glass, the beast refused to take another step...
The armor in the back has a spear that he will throw at Trico. If you're diligent, you can delay him and possibly cause him to miss. You'll never prevent him from throwing the spear. Every time you knock it from his hands the other armor will grab you and the first will pick up the spear and head back for Trico. At some point, you'll need to run to the back left corner of the room, where you'll find a couple of ledges that you can climb to reach a raised platform at the back of the room. The armor can't follow you here.

 Hint 59
I examined the chain with great interest. It seemed... different to the ones I had encountered before.
In this area there's a sliding chain, with a graspable handle at the bottom. The chain is on a track that runs along the ceiling. Grab the handle with button. You'll need to hold down the button to hold onto it. Run all the way back to the far wall with the handle, then turn around and run as fast as you can toward the edge of the raised platform, still holding onto the chain. When you reach the edge, the chain will roll along the track on the ceiling, propelling you across the room. Climb the chain and try to position the chain and camera so you'll be able to reach toward the rail with the eyeball window when you get there. Once you're there, jump from the chain out to the track. You don't have long. After a few moments the chain will start rolling back to the other side of the room. If you don't make it you can try it again, but you'll have to wait for the chain to get all the way back to the raised platform and start again.

Once you're on the track with the eyeball window, grab the base and push it forward off the track. With the window destroyed, Trico jumps to attack, and will make quick work of the armor. Hurry down if you want to try to help for trophy purposes. After the armor is destroyed, calm Trico by petting him, and remember to remove the spear if the armor managed to hit him with it.

Then head back to the raised platform. Jump up onto the chain and climb to the top, then jump from the chain to the platform up here along the ceiling.  Barrel 27 for Trico is up here.

Afterwards, you need to reach the area where you pushed down the window again. The easiest way is to command Trico up button + button next to the blue door, then climb up him and jump back to the track.

The track exits out of the room through a hole in the wall on one side. Run along the track. Outside you can see a giant stained glass eyeball window. Trico isn't going to like that...

For now, follow the section of the track that turns left, just before it leads outside. It will lead around to a ladder, that will bring you down just outside the gate to the area where Trico's waiting. There's a switch nearby that opens the gate. When Trico gets out into the courtyard, he predictably sees the huge stained glass window and halts in his tracks.

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