The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 14
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 Hint 60
You're still frightened? But it's so far away!
This time, however, Trico does not sit and concentrate on the window. He'll eventually be distracted by something else.
 Hint 61
The beast appeared to want to show me the way ahead. And so I clambered onto its back...
Trico will go and stand up against a stone overpass. Climb on his back and climb up onto the structure.  Barrel 28 and  Barrel 29 are what Trico was trying to reach. Toss Trico the barrels, then head along the stone overpass to the far side.
 Hint 62
Don't worry! I'll think of something!
At the edge of the overpass, there's an area where you can jump out to the top part of a broken hanging cage. There are a series of cages and chains. Make your way across the tops of the cages, jumping out to the chains when there is no cage. Eventually, you'll reach a chain that leads down to a balancing wooden platform. When you drop on the platform, it slowly starts to tip to your side. The other side of the platform is just below the hanging eyeball window. Wait until the far side of the platform gets a couple of rungs up on the bars hanging below the window, then run quickly to the other side and jump out onto the metal bars hanging from the window before the platform can tilt the other way.

Climb up the makeshift ladder to reach the rail at the bottom of the window. Move around the rail until you reach the front of the window, then climb up. There are some white outcroppings on the glass toward the right side of the window. Slide to the right, then jump up and grab the handholds and pull yourself up. You'll need to start with the lowest handhold to be able to reach it, then slide right to where there's room above you before pulling yourself up. There's a missing spot in the glass here. Walk through to the other side of the window. Press button to drop down to a hanging position. Slide right toward the center of the window, then button again to drop down and grab the white board at the bottom. Slide toward the right side of the glass, where there are more handholds above. Jump up and pull yourself up. Then jump up again to reach a higher row of handholds. Move slightly to the right and pull yourself up. There's a second broken glass panel here that you can walk through to go back to the front side of the window. Press button to hang down off the handholds, then slide to the right and pull yourself back up near the middle of the window, just above the eye in the middle. Jump one last time and you'll reach the board along the top of the window. Pull yourself up onto the top of the window.

From here, jump out to the hanging planet behind the window. Climb the chain holding the planet all the way to the top. This leads to a series of hanging bars and chains. Walk across the bars and climb the chains until you get to the very top bar. When you reach a chain, you can start climbing it by jumping onto the chain, or by grabbing the chain with button, and then pressing buttonbutton.

Eventually you'll reach the track at the top where the window is anchored. Grab the base of the pulley mechanism that holds the window, and push it forward until it falls off the track.

With the scary window gone, Trico will jump out to a platform beneath you, trying to reach you. Walk out to the edge of the track and jump down to him. As long as you land anywhere near him he'll catch you, either with his mouth, his tail, or by landing on him.

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