The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 15
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Once you're safely positioned on Trico's back, tell him where to go, by pointing button + button to the series of stone towers with spiral stairs, leading across the chasm.

Once you get him started, Trico will jump across a series of the towers, until you reach a wooden walkway with another eyeball window lying on top of it. Hop down off of Trico onto the platform and push the window of the edge. This one's in pretty bad shape, but apparently not quite bad enough for Trico's liking.

After you destroy the mirror, call Trico. He'll jump out onto the wooden platform, which will promptly begin to collapse under his weight. Trico will race past you, jumping off the platform. You need to jump onto him as he passes by to avoid falling to your doom. A series of the stone towers will also collapse as Trico lands on them. He'll keep jumping until he reaches a platform that manages to support him.

Trico is stuck on this tower, with no place to go. Climb down his tail and jump out to the ledge along the side of the building. Head left along the ledge. Eventually you'll find a series of handholds you can use to climb up. These will take you to another ledge that will lead you over to a large safer balcony. Of course, poor Trico is still stuck out on that tower, and he's not real happy about it.

 Hint 63
Don't worry. I'll be back soon.
Hop across the damaged floor on the balcony to reach a hallway that leads inside the building. Follow the hallway as it curls around, and it will lead you to a spiral staircase inside the building. You can see a suit of armor waiting for you just a ways up the stairs. As you make your way up the stairs, the armor predictably comes after you.

You'll need to evade or destroy the armor. I was able to hop on its back and knock it down, causing it to fall into the chasm below. It's probably a better bet just to avoid it. Jump across the small gap to the alcove inside the cylindrical structure in the middle. There's a switch inside that you should hit. This opens a gate at the top of the spiral staircase.

Outside, you'll find two more suits of armor throwing spears at Trico. It's really hard for me to run past these guys and just let them hurt my friend - but it's nearly impossible to stop them. You can shove them - and if you shove them several times in a row, you can push them over the edge. But it's really hard to do without eventually just missing and hurtling over the edge yourself. You can jump on their back and try to knock them over. But more likely than not they will recover from the fall before you can grab their head and they'll just be after you, making your life a extremely difficult.

The smart move is to run right past these guys...

The more you try in this area - the more you're going to hate this game. Hate it. If you try to keep these enemies from filling Trico full of spears, it will find way after way after way to screw you over. I'm not going to say it can't be done. Just that it is definitely not worth it to do it.

I fought these guys off and killed three of them without letting a single one put a spear into Trico - only to have the 4th one catch me when the camera blacked out as I tried to run past him, and then drop me of the ledge to my death when I struggled free. Then when the checkpoint reloaded - Trico had about half a dozen spears already sticking out of him...


Just run past. It's not worth the damage it will literally do to your hands to fight these guys with that ill-conceived carpal tunnel causing button mashing game required to break free of their grasp.

Run past the balcony and a door on the other side will take you back into the room with the spiral staircase. A little ways up, there's another spot you can jump across into the cylindrical section to pull another switch to open another gate at the top. Jump back up to the staircase. A little ways up there's another suit of armor. Dodge past him and continue upstairs. Once you get outside he should stop chasing you. Head to the top of the stairs and out the door you just opened.

Once you get out to the balcony, you'll see a lattice of thick wooden boards leading most of the way across the chasm to the building on the other side. Walk across the lattice as far as you can go, then jump from the last board out to the hanging wooden platform on the other side. You'll reach the metal frame, but as you grab it the whole thing starts falling apart, and you're left hanging there with no place to go.

Trico sees that you're in trouble - so he leaps across the chasm to save you, grabbing on to the partially opened draw bridge below you. He grabs on and hangs from the drawbridge, but can't get a grip to pull himself to safety. He's right underneath you now, though, allowing you to let go of the platform you're hanging from, grabbing on to Trico as you fall to save yourself.

Climb up Trico. Take a moment as you go to remove any spears sticking out of him. Then drop down on the other side of the drawbridge. Run to the right of the drawbridge. There is a small balcony that leads out along the side of the building. There's a switch at the far end that will lower the drawbridge, allowing Trico to climb to safety.

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