The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 16
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Continue inside the building, across a second drawbridge. This leads to a room with piles of rubble overgrowing with moss and plant life on the ground. Off to the left there's a small hall behind some pillars that leads to an exit to the outside large enough for Trico. When you get outside, Trico will lie down in the middle of the area and rest.

 Hint 64
The beast seemed suddenly ill at ease. I was worried...
Until I realized that it was merely hungry.
There's a large mine cart sticking out a half closed gate on the far side of the area. You can't move it by pushing or pulling on the handle, but it's propping up the door, and there's room on the side of the cart for you to be able to slip through.

Head inside and follow the tracks down the hall a ways. Eventually there's a hole in the ground that runs beneath the tracks. Drop down into the hole. On the left (when coming from the door), there's a small crack in the wall. Head through the crack, and make your way to the back of the tunnel. It gets very dark in here and you can't see much, but you can see a glowing blue  Barrel 30 in the back.

Pick the barrel up and return to the exit. You can use the light coming off of the barrel to help you find your way in the dark. Although it doesn't have much range, it will let you see the area right around you. Back in the hole under the mine cart tracks, you have to get the barrel up out of the hole. There's a little path you can follow on the opposite side from the crack in the wall that will lead you up onto a platform, where you can throw the barrel across to a path on the other side of the hole. Head over and pick the barrel up, then follow this path up as high as you can get while carrying a barrel, then look for another path on the other side where you can throw the barrel. You need to get it behind the platform with the blue marks on it so it doesn't just roll off. Jump over and pick up the barrel, and from here you should be able to find a path that you can walk out of the hole while carrying the barrel. Walk carefully across the cart tracks with the barrel, then take it back to Trico in the courtyard out side. Trico is too exhausted to move, so you need to take the barrel right up to him. You can just hold the barrel and walk up to him and let him eat it out of your hands.

Once you feed Trico he becomes much happier and is ready to continue your adventure.

Head back inside the gate beside the mine cart. On the inside, there's a second mining cart, just behind the one in the doorway. This one you can move. Grab the handle and pull it backwards, down the hall as far as you can. Then climb onto the mine cart and use it to jump up to the raised area on the side of the room. Inside this fenced off area is one of those chains with a pulling handle. Pull the chain back to open the gate with the minecart so Trico can get through. Trico will push the minecart out of his way, meaning the door will close behind him, making this a one way entrance.

This next bit is just awful. There's a dark cave that opens up on the left side of the mine cart tracks. You can't see a thing inside. You need to work your way through this cave. As Trico follows you, his eyes will begin to glow, and they'll light up the area a bit. But you can only ever see a foot or two in front of you, and only if Trico happens to be looking right at you, and is keeping up with you. Whenever Trico looks away, you're completely blind.

There are cracks in the floor, and if you step into them, you'll fall down to the area below, where you found the barrel for Trico. It's pitch black, and you just have to find your way back in the dark. You spend most of your time here looking at a completely black screen and having no clue at all what's happening...

It's advisable to just hop on Trico's back, and point where you want him to go. It's slow, and you still can't make out what's happening very well, but at least while riding Trico, you don't have to worry about falling down into the cracks and having to make your way back in the dark, only to start all over again.

If it helps, you're going to go into this area, turn left then right, and follow the cave all the way to the back, opposite the entrance - and then the exit will be directly above you.

Eventually, you'll reach an area where a crack opens up above you. Keep looking up until you can see light above you. Command Trico to jump, and eventually he'll jump up through that crack to an area above. At least now you can see.

Continue through this area. At the end, you'll find another closed drawbridge. Lead Trico to the bridge and command him to jump, and he'll jump up on the bridge, forcing it open.

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