The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 17
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 Hint 65
What the...?
There is more than one...Trico?
Apparently the boy spots another Trico on the nearby tower. I've looked and looked, and could not spot it myself - though I've seen one roaming around in other areas. After multiple playthroughs - I think the boy is just referring to having heard what sounds like another Trico roaring in the distance.

There's another of those eyeball windows out here, but luckily Trico hasn't spotted it. Command him to jump, and he'll leap across onto a tower, then a moment later he'll jump to a different tower. When he turns for another jump he spots the eyeball window and refuses to progress.

Climb up onto Trico's head. The tower is too far away for you to jump to, but there's a rope down below, hanging between the two towers. Jump out over the rope and you'll catch the rope as you fall.

Climb up onto the rope and tightrope walk across to the tower. Around the base of the tower there's a lot of ivy vines growing up the tower. Jump onto the ivy and you can climb it up the side of the tower, just like you climb around on Trico's feathers.

Once you're on the platform, there's another rope off to the right that is tied to another tower. Climb onto the rope, and tightrope your way across to the next tower.

The support for the rope will give way halfway across. Angle yourself toward the rope as you fall and you'll grab onto it. The rope will be dangling from the tower you were headed to, and you can just climb it up to where you were heading anyway. At the top of the rope, there's more ivy growing along the side of the tower. Climb the ivy to continue upward along the side of the tower. Climb the ivy up to a small outcropping on the tower where another rope is attached. This rope leads to the track that's holding up the eyeball window.

Tightrope out to the track, then grab the lever of the axle at the top of the rope, holding the window, and push it off the edge of the track.

With the window gone, the track is off balance. This isn't a big problem. As the track starts to lean, you can just use it like a ladder instead. Trico will now jump across to the next tower below you. Climb down to the first bar below you, then jump down from there to Trico.

After you're positioned comfortably back on Trico's back, command him to jump again. Trico will leap up to a spiraling stairway further up the tower and start making his way up around the stairs. Stay on Trico's back as he makes his way up the tower. Eventually, he'll spot another one of the eyeball windows and you'll have to hop down to deal with it.

 Hint 66
Another One? Leave this to me!
The stairway ahead is broken, but you can shimmy along the ledge to continue on. Eventually the stairs will return, and you'll run into an area obstructed by falling rubble. You can still keep going, however, by squeezing through a small hole between the rubble and the tower wall. After this, you'll emerge above the stained glass window. Walk out onto the beam supporting the window and pull the lever above it to drop the window into the chasm below.

As with some of these other windows, the pulley attached to the cable catches on the mechanism as the glass is falling, pulling the beam halfway out of the wall. You manage to grab onto the handle, but you're hanging over the chasm with nowhere to go. Trico is too far out to reach you. After a moment, Trico will dash down out of sight, and appear a moment later further down. Once he reaches the edge of the stairs below you you can drop down button and have Trico catch you as you fall. Trico opens his mouth when he's ready to catch you. Watch Trico carefully and wait until his mouth is open before you drop to make sure he's ready to catch you.

I've had Trico just miss and drop me here a number of times. Make sure you call to him before you drop, so he's ready, and call to him again as you're falling just to make sure he understands the urgency of the situation.

Trico catches you by your shirt collar - which then rips, dropping you again - but Trico manages to save you again by swinging his tail down for you to grab onto. Climb back up to Trico's back, then just hold on and Trico will start making his way back up along the spiral stairs around the tower.

Eventually Trico will make it to the top of the tower. Once he does, the whole thing will collapse underneath him. There's not much you can do to help. This one is up to Trico. All you can do is hold on for dear life.

Let's just say things don't go exactly as planned...

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