The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 18
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When you come to, you're hanging from a tree branch high off the ground. Your shirt collar is stuck around a broken branch. You can see Trico walking around beneath you. He seems to be ok. You can struggle against the branch with the face buttons but you can't get loose, and it's not clear that you'd want to. It's a long way down.

Call to Trico. Use the action Command button + button. He will jump up on a nearby pedestal, but he can't reach you. Keep calling to him. It will take him a couple of failed attempts before he figures out a way to rescue you. Eventually, he'll jump up onto a platform above you and hang his tail down. Reach toward his tail with button. When you manage to reach it, you will break free of the branch and hang from Trico's tail. Climb up to his back. Trico will soon jump back down to the ground.

 Hint 67
I recognized this place...
We had fallen through the ceiling and landed back here.
 Hint 68
The beast sat down once more.
I decided to go in search of more barrels...
Trico is pooped from all that climbing (and falling) and needs some rest and a snack to get him going again.

You can see a  barrel 31 sitting behind a nearby gate. You can easily climb on the rubble to hop over the wall to the other side to reach the barrel.
Getting it back to Trico is another story.

Pick up the barrel and walk up the ramp along the wall in front of you. At the top of the ramp, toss the barrel across the gap to the next ramp, then jump across and pick the barrel up again before it can roll off the bottom. Walk back to the bottom of the ramp, and toss the barrel across a gap to some rubble near the gate. Hop over and pick it up again, then turn right and toss it up onto yet another tilted section of rubble. Jump up quickly and pick the barrel up before it rolls off the rubble and back to the ground. Walk the barrel toward the back of the room and toss the barrel over one last gap, toward the small staircase at the back of the room. Run over and pick up the barrel, then carry it up the stairs, which run around the outside of the room, up to the barred metal doors that you unbarred earlier to reach Trico when you were here before.

Drop the barrel down to where Trico is at. Try not to hit him with it. Then jump down onto Trico's back, and climb down and fetch the barrel. Trico is too exhausted to go running around, so go find the barrel and bring it right up to him and let him eat it out of your hands to make things easier on him.

After some rest and a snack, Trico is ready to go again. Hop on his back, and he'll start climbing his way out of the building, eventually climbing up through the hole in the roof that you made on your arrival.

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