The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 19
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 Hint 69
Having found myself at what seemed to be a dead end, I searched for a way onward.
 Hint 70
I wondered if there might be somewhere I could jump to on the beast's back.
My eyes scanned the area for a likely spot...
Command Trico to jump, and he'll leap up to a small balcony on the nearby building. There's a hallway a little ways above you, but it's too far away to reach it with a jump from Trico's head. Command Trico to jump again and he'll jump up to a higher spot. There's a hallway big enough for Trico on the other side of the building that he could easily reach. Unfortunately, two suits of armor show up over there with shields with that stained glass eyeball that Trico is afraid of. Trico is terrified and refuses to move.

Climb down to Trico's tail, which is now hanging right in front of the hallway you saw earlier. Jump off into the hallway. It runs behind the small section of building Trico is sitting on. On the other side, there are small white ledges running along the side of the building. You can sidle across these ledges to reach the other side of the building underneath the enemies holding the eyeball shields. Run along underneath them and round the corner. The walkway ends, but there are three brown handholds on the building ahead that you can jump to and use to climb to a higher level. This leads you up to a ledge running underneath three open windows. I suggest climbing in the middle window.

Inside there are suits of armor who will start chasing you. Do your best to avoid them, or to struggle free if they grab you. Run up the stairs nearby and across the walkway to the guards holding the shields. Run up behind them and give them a shove with button to make them drop their shields. If you're lucky (or persistent) you might be able to push one of them over the edge. You have to push both of them to make them both drop their shields. Unfortunately, usually after you push the first one, the other armors will grab you, giving him time to pick up his shield. It's pretty difficult to make them both drop their shields at once. Luckily, you may not have to. After you push both of them, Trico will usually jump across regardless, smashing their shields. Trico makes short work of these guys.

There's a gate at the top of the two stairways. Three of the bars are broken, creating a hole that you can squeeze through. You'll generally need to hold button to duck down to fit through the hole. Inside, you'll find  barrel 32 for Trico. Pick up the barrel and sit it in front of the hole in the gate, then climb back through and you'll push the barrel along through the gate in front of you.

There's a large hall at the back of the room. Go find one of the helmets of the armors you defeated here, and take it with you down that hall. A white helmet is preferable to a blue one. When the hall opens up at the end, you'll see three glowing purple suits of armor without helmets. If you bring the helmet close to one, it will pull the helmet toward it with a strange magnetic force, and then come alive. With Trico on hand, and these guys coming to life one at a time, this is a cinch - especially if you found a white helmet, which results in weaker enemies than the blue helmets. The only one you really need to fight is the one on the far end.
Behind this armor you'll find a small entrance to a hidden room where you'll find  barrel 33 for Trico.

There's a large open window, big enough for Trico to fit through. Climb on his back and direct him toward the window button + button. You may have to jump off of Trico into the windowsill to coax him up. Once he's in the window sill, command him to jump, and he'll leap across to a ledge on the other side, and then climb up into an open hallway on the right.

Down the hall, there's more of that blue smoke that Trico loves so much. As he heads down the hall to try to get to it, he steps on a large pressure plate on the floor that triggers a gate to close, blocking his way forward. You can climb through the fence if you want, but there's nothing over here that you can do. On the left side of the hall, there's a ladder that will take you up to a fenced off area on the side of the hall with a chain lever. Pull the chain to open the gate for Trico, and he'll rush through.

Continue down the hall and climb between the bars on the gate.

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