The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 2
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 Hint 26
Having thoroughly explored the area--
I clambered onto the beast's back--
and made my way toward the source of the white smoke.
When you're ready to leave, head down through the large cave leading out of the area. At the end of the cave, you'll find another stone structure - this one too tall for you to climb - with white mist billowing down from it. Walk next to the structure and call Trico with button, then climb up on him and jump over to the tall structure.  Barrel 4 and  Barrel 5 can be found up here in front of the crack in the wall with white smoke pouring out.
Trico sees them too, and will paw at them. Given enough time he can sometimes pull Barrel 4 down off the cliff and eat it on his own. Barrel 5 is too far into the crack. You'll have to pull it out before you can proceed.

Eventually, Trico will simply lie down next to this wall and go to sleep and refuse to move until you've completed the next section.

This is a pretty good place to start teaching Trico to catch barrels - assuming he doesn't go to sleep on you.

Bronze PSN trophy

Practice Makes Perfect

There's a bronze trophy Practice Makes Perfect for getting Trico to catch 20 barrels mid-air. This is easiest to do when you're up high like this, though you can also do it while you're on the ground at his level. To get Trico to catch a barrel, pick up the barrel with button, then call Trico with button to get his attention. When he's looking at you, toss the barrel toward him with button. He usually will have no trouble snatching the barrel out of the air. Wait until Trico's eyes are glowing and he's looking straight at the barrel before you throw it.
You may have to practice a few times to get the hang of it.

Later in the game when you learn commands, ordering Trico to sit with button + button will make it easier for him to catch the barrels when you throw them.
There are 48 barrels in the game, and Trico needs to catch 20 of them for the trophy. You can do this on multiple playthroughs if you need to.
One of the barrels here is blocking a hole in the wall. When you pick the barrel up to feed it to Trico, you'll uncover a small hole that you can climb through. After you finish feeding Trico the barrels, move toward the hole in the wall and climb through. It's a long tunnel. You'll eventually come out into a larger cave on the other side. At the end of this cave there's a crack in the wall. Simply move toward the crack to slide through the crack to the other side of the wall.

You'll come out into a strange blue room with a pool of water. It's obviously cold in this room. The boy shivers in the cold. This cold is what was creating the white mist. On one side of the room is a strange stone sarcophagus, in roughly the shape of a person. On top of the sarcophagus is a round mirror. Move toward the round object and press button to pick it up, acquiring the mirror shield.

 Hint 27
This mirror, with its mysterious light...
It was made from a substance I had never seen before.
It seemed important. I decided to... borrow it for a while.
You can press button to use the mirror to shine a light, which you can then aim using button. This will become relevant in a moment. You can put the shield away on your back, or take it out to use it, by pressing button or button on the D-pad.

 Hint 28
The beast at my side, I raised the mirror...
Return back down through the crack and back the way you came, all the way back through the small hole until you get back to Trico. Once you reach Trico, show him your new toy. With Trico nearby, when you aim a beam of light with the mirror, Trico will shoot lightning out of his tail at the spot where you aim the light.

Before you leave the area,  Barrel 6 can be found in a small door up on the wall past the area past where you found the mirror. It's hard to get Trico to obey you at this point in the game, but you'll need to get him to hold still next to this wall long enough to climb up him and jump to the small ledges on the right side of the wall. From there you can climb up the wall and find the small door at the top to get the barrel for Trico.

 Hint 29
The lightning that flew from the beast's tail took me greatly by surprise.
Could it really have been summoned by the mirror?
This lightning is capable of destroying wooden barriers.

 Hint 30
Though assailed by doubts--
I thought that if I could harness the destructive power of the beast's lightning--
Perhaps we might find a way out. It seemed foolish not to try.
Return to the room where Trico was chained up. There's a wooden barrier along the wall between where Trico was chained, and the structure where you found the first barrels for him. Use the mirror to aim lightning at the barrier to clear a path through.

Climb over the rubble and head down the newly revealed cave.

 Hint 31
I had heard of these great man-eating beasts many times from the elder.
Yet in spite of the terrifying tales, I felt no fear. None at all...
Eventually the cave will fall off on the right, and you'll be forced to make your way along a cliff face along the left side of the cave. Continue along the cliff face, jumping and climbing over obstructions along your way. Trico will follow you, despite the narrow cliff. He has very good balance.

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