The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 20
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 Hint 71
There was nothing else for it. I would have to try and jump onto Trico's back.
 Hint 72
The entire area was alive with the strange aroma that so captivated my companion.
Distracted by the scent of the pot as it was, the beast would not heed my call.
Trico has jumped down into the hole ahead of you, and will not listen to you when you call him, because of the aroma of the blue smoke coming from the pot. With Trico down below, however, you have a soft landing spot. Hop on down.

 Hint 73
I fell through the air, convinced for that brief moment that this was the end for me--
and then the comforting softness of the beast's back came up to greet me.
Trico is looking at the large pot with the smoke billowing from the top, but there are bars across the top, so he can't get into it. Grab the pot from Trico's side and push it forward until it's under the bridge. If you try to pull the pot from the other side, the handle will break off. Actually, if you break the handle off, Trico will push the pot into place for you.

When the pot is close to the bridge, climb up Trico and jump from his head onto the pot, then from the pot onto the raised wall near the bridge. Go down the ladder to the area behind the fence. There's a switch in this area that switches the rail tracks that the pot is sitting on. Return to the pot and push it forward. Now that it's on the straight tracks you can push it further forward than you could before. However, as you're pushing it forward, the floor collapses underneath you and you fall to the area below you. The pot capsizes behind you, dumping all the blue goo out of the pot.

 Hint 74
I would not be able to leave this place unaided...
You've fallen into a pool of water. Swim to the edge of the pool and climb out. There's a large wooden crate sitting here. Go up behind the crate and push it button + buttonbutton into the water. In the water you can still grab the crate with button and push or pull it around with button. Pull the crate all the way to the far side of the pool, under the hole in the boards in the ceiling, then climb onto the crate by swimming toward it and pressing button + buttonbutton. Call Trico and he'll walk over to you. The boards will bend and break above you. Command Trico to perform an action with button + button. Trico will stick his tail down through the boards for you to climb on. If Trico's tail gets stuck on the beams and doesn't get all the way down to you, call him again with button + button to get him to pull his tail up and try again. Every time you give him the command, he'll resituate his tail a little bit. You may have to call him many times before he gets his tail down to you.

When Trico gets his tail down to you, jump onto his tail and climb up.

 Hint 75
I clung on tightly, and together we made our escape.
(This hint can only be heard before you exit the underground water room. After you leave, even going back into the room will not allow you to hear this hint.
Credit goes to Typhlax for confirming this)

Climb up to Trico's back and give him the command to jump. Trico will jump up to a higher level. He'll go up a couple of levels, and then you'll be challenged by a couple of suits of armor. Trico can beat them easily.

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