The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 21
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 Hint 76
There was nothing else for it. I would have to go in search of more barrels...
Trico is hungry again. He'll lay down and refuse to move. There's a gate near him with a hole in it that you can jump up to. Jump up and climb through the gate.  Barrel 34 is found here, but getting it out to Trico is not simple. You can't throw it high enough to get it up to the hole in the gate. There are two wooden crates in the area. Pull one of the crates over near the gate. When you're carrying a barrel and you walk up next to a crate, there will be an extra command available, to place the barrel on top of the crate, by pressing button. Then climb up onto the crate, and toss the barrel through the hole on the gate.

With Trico up and moving again, call him over to the side of the room with the balconies. Each of these balconies is a hole where Trico can get his head stuck. This accounts for almost half of the holes in the entire game. It's been a long time since you saw a hole, so it's easy to forget about this trophy, and then overlook these.  Hole 8,  Hole 9,  Hole 10,  Hole 11,  Hole 12, and  Hole 13 are on these balconies. You need Trico to put his head through them all for the Collar Trophy.

Back inside, climb on Trico's back and command him to jump, and he'll stand on his hind legs hear a hole high up on the wall. Climb to his head and jump up to the hole. Walk outside through the hole. You can sidle along the ledge that runs around the outside of the building. Make your way left until you reach the hall coming out of the building, between the two balconies down below. Drop down onto the top of the hall, then run along the roof until you find a broken section. Drop down into the tunnel.

Start making your way back down the hall toward Trico. In a moment, you'll run into a suit of armor. Interestingly, this armor cannot reach any blue doors, so if he grabs you, he'll just stand still, with no place to take you. If he grabs you in the wrong place, though, near a hole in the floor, he can drop you to your death when you struggle free from his grip. There's a hole in the floor just ahead. Once you jump over the hole you're safe from him. He cannot follow you.

A couple more holes break in the floor as you're moving along. Jump over them. There's another suit of armor close to the door. The door is barred from this side. As you try to move the bar, the armor will grab you. Trico on the other side will get very angry and smash his way through the door to get to the armor that's attacking you.

 Hint 77
I knew what I had to do... I left the beast behind and ran.
The whole hallway will begin to collapse. Run back the way you came, jumping over any holes you see, old or new. You'll see the armor you passed by earlier fall as a hole opens up beneath him (assuming you didn't take the time to kill him on the way through). When you reach the edge of the hall and jump over to the next section, the whole thing will fall out from under you before you land. Trico will grab you by the collar of your shirt from behind at the last second and leap to safety up above.

Once you're safe, Trico will toss you up in the air, to land on his back. There's a green cliff along the side of the mountain behind you. Point Trico to that cliff button + button, and he'll jump across, continuing to make his way across cliffs until he reaches the remnants of an old stone bridge. Once on the bridge, hop down from Trico's back and venture inside the building up ahead.

This is where I got the gold trophy, Call of Nature, for watching Trico poop. It's not guaranteed to happen here, though. The trophy happens somewhat randomly. You just have to get lucky.

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