The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 22
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Head inside the door and you'll come into a large coliseum type area. There are four suits of armor spoiling for a fight. 3 of them have spears, and one has an eyeball shield. Of course, your priority has to be to make the guy with the shield drop it, so that Trico will attack. Then go after anybody you see with a spear, shoving them with button to make them drop their weapons. It's an easy enough fight.

This is also a good place to earn the That Hits the Spot trophy, for throwing barrels at enemies.  Barrel 35 is hidden up in the stands of the coliseum on the opposite side from where you entered. If you can get two of the enemies eliminated, and the third enemy has a shield - that enemy will keep Trico at bay, while the other enemy will attack his legs with a sword, and you can just pick up the barrel in the area and throw it over and over at the guy attacking Trico's legs until you get the trophy.

 Hint 78
The cogwheel on the wall seemed to be connected somehow to the gate...
After the fight, calm Trico down and check him over for spear wounds. Then command Trico with button + button and he'll start clawing at a little wheel on the wall, which will open the gates along the wall. Inside you'll find some two wheeled carts. All of them are broken except for one.

Grab the one cart that isn't broken, and pull it out into the center of the arena.

Bronze PSN trophy

Broadbacked Trophy

This is the only place in the game where you can earn the bronze trophy, Broadbacked. To get the trophy, you'll need to have Trico stomp on this cart and propel you up in the air, and come down and land on Trico. It can be extremely difficult and frustrating trying to earn this trophy. While there's no actual in-game punishment for getting hurt, you tend to get hurt a lot doing this. And then you have to limp around waiting to recover before you can try again - which is kind of a punishment, I guess. Either that, or Trico will catch you, and he takes a long time to put you down, which is also frustrating.

The problem is, if you get anywhere near the bars on the ceiling, you'll grab onto the bars. In fact, this is how you get through this area - by having Trico propel you up off of this cart and catching the bars on the ceiling, then climbing through.

The key to earning the trophy is placement. You can't place the cart under the short sections of the roof. You'll just smack into the roof and come straight back down. You can't place the cart directly under the bars, or you'll grab the bars and not come down at all. The sun is directly overhead (what are the odds of that unlikely astronomical event) showing you exactly where to place the cart relative to the bars. To earn the broadbacked trophy, place the cart so that the handle you're holding is in the light in the middle of one of the 3 squares on any edge of the grate - and the rest of the cart is outside the light in the shadow.

Call Trico to make him sit directly in front of the cart with button + button. Climb to the opposite end of the cart. If Trico gets up and starts to move, tell him to heel again with button + button. You need him in that spot. Climb to the other side of the cart and wait for it to drop to the ground, then command Trico to do a special action with button + button. Trico will stomp on the end of the cart, sending you flying. If you positioned the cart right, you should land on him. You don't have to land on his back. Landing on his head, or grabbing onto the feathers on his chest on the way down will get you the trophy. As long as you land on him.

I landed safely on the broadness of the beast's great back.

One of the toughest barrels in the game is hidden just up ahead. To get it, move the cart into the light in the middle of the arena, then gather up all the helmets from the armor that you defeated - as many as you can find - and load them on the cart. Trico won't stomp on the cart if you're not on it unless you specifically command him to. Command him with button + button and he'll stomp on the cart, shooting all the helmets up through the grates on the ceiling.

This can be utterly infuriating, because Trico won't leave the cart alone to let you load the helmets on the cart. He'll keep pawing at the thing, knocking them off, stomping on it before you're ready, sending the helmets flying all over the room, and just generally making himself a giant nuisance. I wish I had a giant rolled up magazine to smack him with. This is another one of those spots where you can see that the AI is fine for getting you through the game, but they obviously didn't quite put enough thought into the side stuff and exploring.

You can't put the helmets on first, where Trico wouldn't be pawing at the thing, and then move the cart, because if you move the cart at all once the helmets are sitting on it the physics engine goes crazy and sends the helmets all shooting 12 feet in the air. This whole puzzle was just kind of ill conceived.

When you have a helmet up through the grates - or you're sick of trying - hop on the cart yourself, and command Trico with button + button to get him to stomp the cart and shoot you up to the bars above. You will automatically hang from the bars. Pull yourself up.

There are 3 switches up here. You can pull all three. They will open two of the doors, and partially unblock the third.
Then go over to the door that leads to the hall above the entrance to the coliseum below and call Trico. He will come bounding up to you. Now that Trico is up here to defend you, find one of the helmets that you shot up here with the mine cart catapult earlier. Take the helmet to the purple armor in the back room - the dead end direction that was already opened when you first got here, before you pulled any switches. When you get close to the armor with the helmet, the armor will pull the helmet toward it. The helmet attaches to the armor and it comes to life. No problem. Trico's right here ready. After Trico pounds the armor, calm him down, and then go into the little cave behind the armor and you'll find a  Barrel 36. Trico will sit on the grates while waiting for it. Make sure he's good and ready before you throw it. If he misses the catch, you'll have to go back down into the coliseum for a second try.

Leave out the door opposite from where you found the barrel, making sure Trico is following you. This leads out to a balcony. From here, turn left and walk along the roof to the other balcony outside the door that still has the closed gate. Call Trico along as you go. When he reaches the balcony, hop on his back and command him to jump.

Trico will jump up to a cliff on the rock face. Hop down from his back and go inside the adjoining cave. Barrel 37 is hidden in the back corner of the room behind a pillar. After you feed Trico his barrel, hop back on his back and command him to jump again, and he'll jump up to an opening high up on the side of the wall.

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