The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 23
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 Hint 79
The beast appeared not to want to enter the water.
I resolved to lead by example...
The next room has a deep pool of water. Trico's not too fond of water. You've grown much closer than last time you had to coax him into the water. It won't require food this time. But you have to go first. Jump into the water, then call Trico, and he will jump in after you.

The water is clear and beautiful. You can see all the way to the bottom as soon as you get underneath.

Diving Instructions

You can dive by pressing button. Exploring underwater, you'll notice a small door several feet underwater on the wall to the left of where you came in, underneath a closed gate above the water. Dive down with button, and release button and use button to move around underwater. You can generally only move around horizontally when you aren't diving or surfacing. Use button if you need to swim up toward the surface.

The boy will not run out of air and drown. After a while you'll run out of air and the boy will swim to the surface. But even if you get stuck on something and cannot make it back to the surface, he will never drown.

Face toward the wall with the gated door to the left of where you entered the room, then use button to dive down. When you get down to the level of the door beneath the water, release button and use buttonbutton to swim through, then come up on the other side.

There's a ladder. Press button to grab the ladder and climb out of the water. There's a switch at the top. Activating the switch will raise the gate behind you so you can jump easily back to the main pool. It also opens up access to a Trico sized hole deep down at the very bottom of the pool. It's too deep for you to dive to, but of course, Trico can reach it.

Making Trico Dive

A lot of people have said they had a very difficult time getting Trico to dive. It's not so hard. When Trico jumps in the pool, make sure he's facing in the direction of the hole - the same direction as the first hole you swam through, opposite the way you came in - It's easiest to do this by having him get out of the water on the opposite end of the room and then calling him back into the water.

Then jump on his back and press button+ buttonbutton, pressing forward toward the door on the left stick. Trico will dive down under the water. Release button as soon as you see Trico start to dive to make sure that you hold on.

Considering how many people have had trouble with this, it's surprisingly easy if you know the proper command to give.

When you come up on the other side, Trico will make for the dry land on the right. There's a cave to the left, but it's up a little ways, and you can't reach it from the water. Swim over to the area below the cave and call Trico, then climb on his back and up to his head, and jump from his head to the cliff in front of the cave. Inside the cave, you'll find  Barrel 38 for Trico.

Hop back into the water. Swim toward the gate at the far side of the pool. If you swim underwater, you'll find a small entrance below the gate. Dive down and swim into the small door, then surface on the other side of the gate. The ladder here doesn't go up high enough. In fact, it's completely underwater. The ledge is too high for you to reach it.

Trico has been hopping in the water every time you dive under - afraid that you're going to leave without him. But when he sees you surface on the other side of the gate, he'll climb back out of the water and up onto the rocks to dry off in the sun shining down through the cracks above. Wait until Trico gets to the top of the rocks, then call him and he'll cannonball into the water. The resulting wave will push you up high enough to grab the ledge and pull yourself up. Pulling the switch, like before, will open up the gate behind you, and will also open up a gate on a large Trico sized hole at the bottom of the lake.

Call Trico back into the water, making sure he's facing the door, then climb on his back and point toward the door with button + buttonbutton. Release the button when you see Trico start to dive so that you can grab on and not get left behind.

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Reader comments, opinions, alternate solutions and more:

1) Thabo      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2020-07-18 15:52:33

Hallo, ich habe bereits um die 15-20 Versuche gebraucht. Trico taucht einfach nicht in das Loch...
2) selmiak      (mail hidden)
wrote on: 2020-07-19 13:34:50

wie in der lösung schon geschrieben steht, du musst die richtigen Tasten drücken um Trico zum Tauchen zu bewegen, siehe im Blauen Kasten

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