The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 24
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 Hint 80
I could hold my breath no longer. My companion disappeared from sight...
Two important things are learned here.
1 - that tunnel was longer than you expected it to be.
2 - Trico can hold his breath longer than you.

You awake all alone in a wet cave. There's a deep vein of water beneath you, but it's too deep for you to dive to the bottom. Exit out along the small cave. The cave opens up into a large room. There are two circles on the floor. When you move close to them, they glow blue. The one on the left seems broken, but when you step on the one on the right, a cage lowers down from the ceiling and opens.

There's an inert, glowing purple suit of armor on the left side of a room with a barrel behind it, but there doesn't appear to be a way to get it just yet - and anyways, Trico is nowhere to be found, so it wouldn't do you much good anyways. Climb into the cage. There doesn't seem to be anything else you can do. The cage closes behind you and takes you up to the next level, where it opens again and releases you. Seems this is some kind of alien elevator.

The stairs ahead have collapsed. The stair rail on the left side is intact, though. Move up to the rail and climb it with button + buttonbutton, then tightrope walk across the railing. The boy is very good at this type of balancing and will never fall. Continue heading up the stairs when you reach the other side. The stairs turn right and keep going up. When the stairs end, continue climbing the rubble as high as you can. Eventually you'll reach a rock wall covered in ivy. Climb the ivy around the wall and up onto the cliff above.

 Hint 81
Higher and higher I climbed in hopes of finding my companion...
There's a chain in the middle of the area. Climb the chain all the way to the top, then walk across the wood plank to a rickety wooden bridge. There are some large feathers on this bridge, indicating that you're probably headed in the right direction. This bridge leads to a cliff face covered in ivy. Climb the ivy up the rock face. Eventually it leads to a tree root sticking out of the cliff. It's also largely covered with Ivy. Position yourself above the tree root and press button to drop down onto it.

Climb out onto the tree root and eventually you'll find a trico tail sticking down from between the boards of a wooden bridge above. It may not seem wise to grab an unsuspecting trico by the tail, but the alternative is a jump that you pretty definitely can't make. Climb the trico tail. There isn't room for you to fit between the boards to get up on top of the bridge. Rotate around the tail so that you're facing toward the wall, then press toward the wall and jump out and grab the ivy covered wall.

Climb the ivy around, until you're atop another tree root, then press button to drop down to it. Walk along the tree root to the left. Eventually, part of the root breaks, falling into the pit below, and waking the sleeping trico.

 Hint 82
It was the same beast.
The same one that had sent us back to the bottom of the valley...
Continue making your way across the root until you reach the tree, covered in ivy, then start climbing the ivy, doing your best to keep the tree between you and the trico. When you reach the top of the ivy, jump upwards to grab onto a rope tied to a branch above you. Make your way across the rope to the cliff face on the other side. The cliff is also covered in ivy, which you can climb around the cliff to the left, and then drop down to a small wooden ledge, which you can take to the left until it ends, then jump across to the left to another ivy covered cliff. Climb the ivy to the left, with the trico trying to jump up and take swings at you from below. When the ivy runs out here, you'll have to drop down a ways, but you'll be able to squeeze between the cliff face and a large rock, where the trico should not be able to reach you.

 Hint 83
Desperately, I searched for a means of escape...
Squeeze through a small hole in the rock formation. You'll come out between a couple more rocks. There's a cliff you can climb out near the outer area. You'll only have a few seconds to get up the cliff, though, before the trico is on you. If he catches you, you'll need to lead him back over to the last area, through the hole in the rock, and then make another run at it. As you're climbing up the rock face, remember to keep pushing button, so that the boy actually scales the rocks after he grabs onto them to get higher. Eventually you'll reach another ivy path which you can climb up to a high hallway where you can get a moment's peace. At the end of the hall there's a ladder. Press button to go down the ladder. There's another ladder at the bottom. Go down this one as well. This one is broken halfway down. You'll have to drop to the ground. This is obviously risky by you really have no choice. Press button again to drop to the ground.

Climb the cliff immediately to your left and use it to get up to a higher level. There's a smallish hole in the wall just ahead. After a moment, the trico's head will come crashing through, getting stuck in the hole in the wall. Wait for it to pull its head back out in frustration, then jump quickly across and continue past the hole before it can get its head back through to the next beam. There's another hole in the wall. Wait for the trico to put its head through the second hole - then jump right on top of its head and use it as a platform to reach the raised section at the end of the hall. Also, make sure to laugh at the angry trico you just made a fool of.

There's a hole in the wall at the far end of the platform. Head through and you'll find yourself in a round shaft type room. Jump out to the chain hanging in the middle of the room and climb it up to the wooden beam above. Walk along the beam to the wall. There's a hole in the wall just to the left. Jump up and pull yourself through, then jump down on the other side of the wall.

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