The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 25
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There are two open doors on the left side of this hall. You can see the angry trico down below. Run past the first door to the second. You can see another cage hanging outside this door. Walk across the metal beams and climb into the cage which will shut behind you like before.

The trico will jump up and grab the elevator cage and rip it down, and start batting you around like a ball of yarn. The cage keeps you generally safe from the trico. It will bat you around for a while, then a strange signal of some sort seems to interact with its horns and it stops what it's doing and runs away quite suddenly, leaving you stuck in this broken elevator cage. You can roll the cage around like a hamster wheel, but it's not quite round - it's a cylindrical cone shape - and with the uneven ground and debris everywhere, it's pretty much impossible to get it to go where you want it to.

 Hint 84
I waited for what seemed an eternity...
You can keep rolling the cage around, but it's in vain. Call for Trico with button as you're rolling around. Eventually he'll appear above you, digging his way through the rock above to reach you.

 Hint 85
By having the beast push the cage, I was able to overcome obstacles.
Having Trico will help you get over the rubble on the ground. Any time you get stuck, command Trico with button + button to have him give you a nudge. Work your 'ball' over to the raised stone section of the floor, then have Trico push you up onto the stone tiles. Roll along in that direction toward the wood platform in the distance. When you reach the wood platform, the wood will break, dropping you down and getting you stuck in a tree. Running to the far side will get you to fall out of the tree, falling between the tree and the chain you climbed earlier. When you recover from the fall, roll the 'ball' out toward the chain, which will start a series of falls, and you'll eventually roll down some stairs to a flat open section of floor. Here you can roll fairly easily. Roll yourself through one of the large openings to the stairs below, where you'll roll down the stairs, jumping over a gap, and landing at the bottom near the place where you took the elevator earlier. Roll your cage onto the broken elevator platform - which will cause the cage to open, freeing you from this diabolical hamster wheel at last.

 Hint 86
There was nothing else for it. I would have to go in search of more barrels... 2
You've been through a lot, and so has Trico. He lets out a tired yawn and lays down for a rest. You'll need to find him a barrel before you can move on. There was a barrel just below here, behind a purple suit of armor in the room with the elevator below you.

If you're anything like me - I was kind of in need of a little time to pet Trico. It's good to be back together.

 Hint 87
The helmet...
Perhaps attaching it to a suit of armor might reveal a way onward...
When you're ready to go, grab the armor helmet that was inside your hamster wheel with you, which will take you back down a level. Carry the helmet up to the purple suit of armor - which will pull the helmet onto it and come alive, coming after you. Draw the armor off to the left, around the raised platform, then jump up on the platform and run through and grab  Barrel 39 from behind where the armor was sitting before you brought it a head. There's an area just to the right of where you pick up the barrel where there's something of a ramp leading up onto the platform, where you can just walk the barrel up onto the platform rather than needing to throw it up. The armor still cannot follow you up this ramp.

Bronze PSN trophy

That Hits the Spot

This is actually a very good place to earn the bronze trophy, That Hits the Spot. The floor has an uneven section where the armor can't go. You can lead the armor to one side of the area, then run back and pick up the barrel that was behind it. Once you get the barrel up to the high section of floor, just toss it at the armor, then run down, grab the barrel, and quickly make back for the ramp in the floor where the armor can't follow you to get away, then turn and throw the barrel at him again. You can just keep doing this and after hitting the armor 20 times, you'll earn the trophy.

With the barrel in tow, hop back on the elevator lift. Feed the barrel to Trico to get him moving again.

Hop on Trico's back and point over the broken stairs and he'll jump across. Rather than climbing the way you went before, point Trico towards the square stone pillars out in the middle of the chasm and he'll hop out to one and then on to a second. Now command him to jump and he'll jump up onto a fallen pillar lying sideways across the room up above, then he'll automatically turn and hop over to the nearby cliff, and from there, up to a higher cliff up above, where you met the other trico.

 Hint 88
Quickly! It will be back soon!
There are two holes in this area. The ones that the evil trico stuck his head through trying to grab you while you were running from him. But Trico will not stick his head in them.

Command Trico to jump, and he will jump up to the hole in the wall that he made earlier when he dug through the mountain to reach you, while you were trapped in the cage. After he scrambles through the hole, there's a small green cliff to Trico's right. Hop off of Trico's back onto the cliff, and pull yourself up. If you're hanging from the cliff, you can only pull yourself up from the left side of the cliff. At the back of the cliff there's a small cave that leads to a stairway up into the room where the elevator was headed before that trico broke it.  Barrel 40 is sitting in this room. Bring it back to Trico.

Climb back on Trico's back and command him to jump again and he'll leap up onto a wall ahead, emerging in a large open courtyard.

Hop off of Trico and run out across the courtyard until you reach the cliff face at the edge. Turning left from here, there's a small path along the cliff face that you can follow for some time. When the path ends, call Trico and climb back on his back, then command him to jump, then just hold on while Trico makes a series of four jumps along the cliff, ending up on a small balcony with a closed gate blocking a Trico sized hallway.

Climb down to the balcony. There's a small ledge to the right of the gate that you can sidle across. It will lead you to a small stone outcropping on the building, where you can jump across to reach a natural cliff formation. From there, jump up and grab the wooden plank above you. It was difficult to line up this jump, but it is easily within reach. Move to the right along this series of planks along the cliff face, climbing up and dropping down as necessary. Eventually, you'll reach some stonework covered with ivy. You can either use the ivy to climb around, or just drop down from the planks to the ground below.

This brings you to another open courtyard full of trees and birds and butterflies, and stone paths and stonework columns all lying in disrepair. It really is a beautiful area.

Head toward the back of the area, into the large stone building. Trico is waiting for you down the hall to the left. There's a switch near the gate that will open the gate and let him in. Head back down the hall and continue in that direction down a hall on the other side into another antenna room.

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