The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 26
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If you missed the Keep on Running trophy earlier, this will be your second chance for that trophy. You have to evade Trico for 3 minutes in an antenna room. This is a much smaller room with less room to move around, making it harder to get the trophy here. Try to stay behind Trico, and be careful about dodging into the walls around the edges of the room, as this will knock you down, giving Trico time to turn around and catch up to you.

When you jump down into the room, two suits of armor will start coming after you. Trico will jump down to help, but will be affected by the antenna and will start coming after you again.

 Hint 89
It's me.
Sooner or later, Trico will catch up with you. It's supposed to happen. Like before, he will snatch you up, and swallow you whole.

At this point, you'll be treated to a flashback cutscene that will explain a little bit more about the sequence of events prior to the game, that left you locked up in a cave with Trico at the beginning of the game.

 Hint 90
Be among the chosen ones...
At the end of the cutscene, you'll need to play the button mashing mini-game once again.

 Hint 91
This was the valley known in the ancient tales as "the Nest"...
And if the tales were to be believed...
the only way in or out was from the air...
When you return from the cutscene you're not in the best shape, and Trico is in distress about it. Eventually he will manage to revive you, and then do an adorable happy dance when he finally succeeds.

Head back into the antenna room. The antenna is no longer working. There's a small door, high up in the air above the gated hall opposite the antenna. Lead Trico to the gated door and command him to jump and he'll stand up on his hind legs. Climb up to his head and jump into the hallway. There's a ladder that will take you back down to ground level on the other side of the gate, where there's a switch you can pull to open the gate to let Trico through.

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