The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 27
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After opening the gate for Trico head through the tunnel, which opens up into a larger room. Turn right. There's a metal door in the room, similar to others you've seen in the game, that is obviously barred from the other side. To the left of that door is a small tunnel. Head through the tunnel.

 Hint 92
Though the way was narrow, Trico seemed able to squeeze through.
Once you get to the back of the tunnel, call Trico. So this is  Hole 14 where Trico gets his head stuck in. Trico manages to squeeze most of the way through this tunnel, getting him self good and stuck. This is necessary, however. Jump on Trico's head, and use it to jump up to the next level. Sorry buddy. If you can't seem to climb on Trico's head, he's not quite far enough into the tunnel. Move back and call him again.

There's only a small crack leading on. Duck through the crack. This will lead you over to another tunnel, where you can go over and unbar that metal door. This tunnel isn't any bigger than the last one though. Trico is able to back out of the first tunnel easily enough. Head down this second tunnel and call Trico again. He will follow you, squeezing through the narrow tunnel. Eventually, you'll come to a gate with only a tiny hole in it. This is  Hole 15, and it's the last hole required for the Collar Trophy. And of course, it can't be missed. You can squeeze through but there's no way Trico can. Squeeze through the gate and run to the end of the tunnel. Further back in the tunnel you'll find a chain lever. Pull the chain to open the gate and call Trico and he'll squeeze a little further through the tunnel. He can't make it all the way though. When you go to check on him, the tunnel collapses and you're trapped in darkness.

This part of the game kinda sucks. It's pitch black. You can barely see anything. You can barely move. You can't rotate the camera. You can just barely make out Trico's head in front of you. Move along to the right side of Trico's head, and you'll find there's a crack between Trico and the wall that you can squeeze through. Slide along and eventually you'll reach an area where you can climb up to a higher level by climbing Trico.

You can see daylight up ahead. Make your way toward it, climbing through the rubble. Eventually you'll climb over a decrepit stone wall. On the other side you can reach an exit to the tunnel. When you reach the exit, you'll be attacked by four suits of armor. You're no match for four of these guys. There's nothing you can do against them. Run back the hall. You should let the suits of armor stay close. There are spears at the end of the hall, and you'd rather not having them pick those up. You can't get past the broken down wall, though. When you reach that wall, you'll hear Trico wailing. Knowing you're in trouble has energized him and he's broken free. Trico will come leaping over the wall to attack the suits of armor. Run quickly down the hall to help, pushing any armor that tries to pick up a spear, letting them grab you to make them easier targets for Trico, and watching for opportunities to pull the heads off of foes who get knocked down.

After the fight, calm Trico down and check him for spear wounds. Trico will automatically start jumping along towers and walkways. Just hold on for the ride.

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