The Last Guardian

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The Last Guardian

FAQ written by burqawitz
Formatting, Chapters, Typofixes and Lecturing by selmiak

Chapter 28
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Trico will continue along until he reaches an area along a wood walkway where two of the stained glass eyeball windows are sitting up ahead on the path.

Hop down off Trico, and jump down to the level below. Unfortunately, there's a gap in the wooden walkway that prevents you from easily reaching these two windows. Make your way along the beams underneath the walkway. Continue all the way along until you reach the building at the end. When you reach the stone wall at the end, sidle along the ledge to the right and make your way along the platforms that run along the building in that direction. Eventually you'll reach an area where you can jump up to a thin ledge that you can sidle along. At the corner you'll need to drop down to a hanging position and continue around the corner. Pull yourself back up onto the ledge when the opportunity presents itself. Continue along the ledges running along the outside of the building. Eventually there will start being frequent gaps and you'll have to jump from outcropping to outcropping, continuing along. Careful. Some of these jumps are quite treacherous, and if you fall you can be set back a long way.

Eventually, long after you've lost sight of Trico, you'll find another ledge. Sidle your way across. On the other side you'll find a stairway up. The stairway splits and goes in two directions up, but they both lead to the same place. The other stairway down is a dead end. At the top you'll come to a platform part way up a large tower. Run all the way around the tower to the other side where you can run down a stairway to access the wood platform from the other side.

Run out across the platform and push one of the windows off the edge of the track. When you do, the blue doors on the tower behind you all open and tons of enemy suits of armor start streaming out. Additionally, you'll be bombarded by those annoying runes, leaving you disoriented and unable to move properly. Don't bother tiring your hands out mashing buttons. You cannot keep up with the pace that the runes appear. Eventually, the runes will completely paralyze you, restricting you from moving. Guards carrying eyeball shields stream out, with one in front with his hands free so he can grab you.

Trico is getting pretty protective of you these days. When the guard grabs you, he overcomes his fears and jumps across, attacking the guards and smashing their shields. He snatches you up and runs away.

Trico manages to fly you a short distance to a different tower. However, he's left clamoring for footing on a ledge with a closed gate, and not enough ledge for him to maintain his footing for long. Climb Trico's head and drop down onto the small wooden walkway to the right. Run along the walkway and pull a switch you'll find at the end to open the gate for Trico. It's no good, though. As Trico tries to climb inside he loses his footing and falls, catching himself on another thin ledge a few hundred feet down the side of the tower. Part of the wooden path has collapsed behind you. Jump out to the hanging gargoyle jugging out from the wall. Jump to the next gargoyle - which will break off beneath you, causing you to fall. Trico is below you though. Catch yourself on Trico as you fall.

Silver PSN trophy

Lifeline Trophy

This is a spectacular place to farm for the silver trophy, Lifeline. Simply climb out to Trico's back, press button to let go, and then you'll drop down and he'll catch you with his tail. Climb back up to his back, and do it again. You need Trico to save you with his tail 10 times to earn this trophy. You already have at least 1 - probably a few more.

As you did before, climb up Trico to his head, and drop down to the wooden path on the right. Run along the walkway and pull the switch to open the gate for Trico. This time he will manage to make it inside. The path behind you collapses once again. After a moment, Trico will poke his head back out of the tower, looking for you. Take a leap of faith toward Trico. He will grab you by the shirt collar and pull you to safety inside the tower.

 Hint 93
Trico had flown. Not far, perhaps, but far enough to be certain.
Perhaps when his wings were fully healed...
we might be able to fly further...
We were so close...
Head up the stairs behind Trico. There's a spiral staircase that leads around the outside of the tower. Going clockwise leads you down. Going counter-clockwise leads you up. If you take the stairs up as high as you can go, in the hall near the exit, a level up, you'll find  Barrel 41 stuck in the ground. Pull it out and bring it back to Trico.

Call Trico to the top of the stairs, jump on his back, and point outside, and he'll hop out of the tower, down to a structure below. Point forward once again and Trico will hop across to the wall on the other side, then turn right and start making his way toward the large square stone tower in that direction, eventually making it onto the wooden roof overhang partway up the tower.

Stay on Trico's back and direct him to the right, around the tower. When he turns the corner, direct him forward and he'll jump up on a stone outcropping. Direct him forward again and he'll jump up to a higher level, with an open door on the left. The way down is too far for you. Point at the door, and Trico will turn and hop down into the tower. There are some enemies in here with spears. Hop down and go after them, trying to get them to drop their spears. After Trico defeats the enemies, he'll notice another stained glass eyeball window set up just outside the tower. He's starting to act more angry than scared when he sees these things, but he still won't do anything useful. Make sure you check Trico out for any spear wounds - you won't be able to calm him down - then head out to deal with the window.

Grab the window and push it forward across the bridge as far as you can, then run past the window and down a staircase on the left, where you'll find a switch. Activating the switch will lower the bridge for a moment, dropping the window to shatter below.

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